Thursday, March 25, 2010

KDAF 33's The RC Project show with Candice Crawford review

Anytime I have an excuse to post about KDAF 33's Candice Crawford (Which Hollywood star is her brother?) I'm taking it because she brings in the readers. She has a new show in Dallas on 33 called The RC Project with other host Roni Proter.

The show airs at 5:30pm weekdays I think. Based on the show's Web site I am not in the target demographic (or maybe I secretly am!):

Roni Proter and Candice Crawford are your lifestyle experts who will keep you 'in the know' of everything that's hip ad cool right now. Let them be your resource to fashion and beauty trends, where to dine and shop, and how to live your most fabulous life! SEE MORE

Uncle Barky reviewed the show and started it out like this, "Resembling a public access TV pilot from Poughkeepsie -- only infinitely worse -- CW33's The RC Project somehow premiered Monday in the nation's fifth-largest TV market." READ THE FULL REVIEW

You can watch a segment from the show below and judge for yourself.

One has to wonder if a show like this will appear on Houston station KIAH 39? Main anchor Mia Gradney is already positioned to host something like this.


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