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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dave Ward apologizes for abc13 KTRK newscast

Technical errors add up and KTRK abc13 anchor Dave Ward says something about it on air

Dave Ward to step down from KTRK ABC13's 10pm news
Dave Ward to start 2015 with reduced workload

Video is now embedded above.

It's pretty clear that KTRK abc13 has had some technical issues lately.

In fact, channel 13 viewers have been sending me phone photos taken from TV screens showing problems like misspellings as of late too. I'm sure if you scrutinize my blog, you'll find I don't much room to point fingerz fingers.

Dave Ward
Dave Ward
But I guess the technical errors got to be too much for legendary 13 anchor Dave Ward this past Tuesday night. A viewer let me know that Ward actually apologized at the end of the newscast calling it a "train wreck" (this has been confirmed with others who saw it too). Others told me co-anchor Gina Gaston quickly said something like "Oh, it wasn't that bad."

KTRK has apparently cancelled its 10pm replay which ran early the next morning so I couldn't see this all for myself.

The viewer said there was a problem during the weather segment, wrong video at other times, wrong lottery numbers (I do not have this confirmed).

There is a maxim in the broadcast biz that you do not point out errors. However, I applaud Ward for apologizing if the problems keep adding up like the national debt. At a point, you don't want to insult the audience's intelligence and act like nothing is wrong.

I'm always here if you see anything else like this. Email me.

Found out there was some talk on Twitter about that night's newscast too.

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