Friday, August 09, 2013

KTRK abc13 has technical difficulties during Houston #Texans vs Minnesota Vikings game; will re-air it

Houston Texans pre-season game has "technical difficulties;" will re-air game Saturday night

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Houston...we have a problem...again.

Tonight the Houston Texans are taking on the Minnesota Vikings in pre-season action, but many Texans fans in Houston are watching static or a graphic.

KTRK abc13, the official station of the Texans, is having technical difficulties. Viewers have seen what looks like satellite transmission issues through parts of the game.

At different points a "technical difficulties" graphic with the team helmets was displayed with low quality audio of the game offered.

At halftime, the KTRK abc13 Facebook page had a message that read, "Hang with us folks. We're working on these technical difficulties. We hope to have it resolved soon."

One person I talked with in the TV industry told me, "there is no excuse for that."

I started receiving Tweets and Facebook messages immediately. One tweet said, "The gremlins must have taken over the Texans' feed too, huh?" That was in reference to an earlier incident this week where the KTRK 10pm newscast opened with 10 minutes or so of commercials.

KTRK has issued a statement on its site:
"If you watched the Texans-Vikings game on ABC13, you know there were issues with the broadcast coming out of Minneapolis, and KTRK-TV apologizes.

A faulty component in an uplink truck is the apparent culprit. It caused intermittent transmission interruptions to the signal reaching the satellite.

It sounds complicated. It is, and we'll make sure we solve the problem so it doesn't happen again. We truly regret the interruptions.

We will rebroadcast the game -- clean, and in its entirety -- Saturday night at 7pm and again Sunday at 1:35am."

From KTRK Facebook page: "We plan to rebroadcast the Houston Texans game tomorrow night on ABC13. Details to come.

Again, we apologize for the technical difficulties we've been experiencing. The problem is with the signal coming out of Minneapolis, and we have crews working to get it fixed as soon as possible."

From KTRK Facebook page: "We are sorry for the technical difficulties we've been experiencing during the game tonight. We're having a problem getting the signal out of Minneapolis, and we have teams working to resolve the issue ASAP (and keep it resolved).

We agree... this is unacceptable."

KVUE Austin anchor Terri Gruca tweets, "Technical issues with the feed from Houston -- for those of you watching the #game. That will explain the wacky colors you're seeing."

Getting reports on Twitter that KSAT viewers in San Antonio are having the same issues. Guessing it is a transmission problem from the game.


  1. Just wasn't meant to be. Go Minnesota!

  2. I'm in San Antonio and I was watching the Texans preseason opener but due to technical difficulties, 20/20 is on. I HATE 20/20!!!

  3. Why was the signal coming out of Minneapolis when Houston was playing at home?

    1. Did you even watch the game, when you could? They were playing in Minneapolis.

  4. The game was in Minneapolis Steph. I'm kind of surprised they didn't find a way to get the Vikings feed, but at least Texans fans will get another chance to see the win, whether its the KTRK encore or an NFL Network replay.

  5. TheGhostOfEdwardRMurrow8/09/2013 11:13:00 PM

    EVERY YEAR this happens. Is it ANY surprise that KTRK is owned by Mickey Mouse (ABC), and true to form their Mickey Mouse football broadcasts occur each pre-season?

  6. Hope they show the same commercials, those JJ Watt H-E-B meat commercials were great!

  7. What would Bob Allen say about this?

    1. Could Bob Allen be using inside info to sabotage Ch 13 or ch 2 trying to boost their ratings (remember the helicopter feed theft). lol!

  8. The Houston Stations have had Hugh layoffs the past 5 years and Ktrk has had a lot of people retire. Every station in Houston has now automated most of the systems that put video & audio on the air, that being said where was the "back-haul"?

    I can't even imagine not having a fiber optic or a 2nd sat truck to back up the primary. If there was indeed a problem with the primary Sat up-link truck.

    Yes the digital world has made it much harder to find problems especially when you have lost so many good engineers. And the bottom line is always keep it cheap. I would be willing to bet this whole production was a rented deal and Ktrk had very little control over it.

  9. You are correct about the rented production unit. It was a turn key contract produced by a major sports broadcasting company. KTRK simply downloaded the feed.

    1. That's not the whole story. I thought KTRK was the one who contracted ESPN or whoever it is. KTRK is ultimatley the one in charge.

  10. Was there any truth to the rumor someone saw Bob Allen by the TV truck yanking out cables??

  11. 610am blasted KTRK on the morning show, and rightfully so. The whole broadcast was bush-league, and when the signal went out the whole thing just went to clown college.

    1. 610 AM still has a morning show? I figured with their pathetic ratings, Lopez and that jerk Syracuse guy they brought in from KC would be fired by now. But I understand why they'd focus attention on KTRK instead of their own poor ratings. Or their misogynostic comments about Vince Wilfork's wife from Nick Wirght and Ted Johnson. 610 is nothing but a frat party with sexist and racist jokes, and shame on the Taxans for staying aligned with their morning and afternoon vulgarity and sexism.

    2. John Lopez is one of the best in sports radio.


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