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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Why was KTRK abc13's 10pm newscast late?

If you go back and look at the abc13 KTRK Eyewitness News Houston Facebook page you will see reader comments like this:

"What the hell is going on with y'all tonite I'm missing my 10 o'clock news"

"WTH???? I'm waiting on the news...Houston we got a problem!"

This is obviously concerning the ABC O&O's Wednesday 10pm newscast.

A tweet to me said the "First 10 mins were a loop of commercials for the news team. When they came on air, they apologized for tech difficulties."

There were no official messages about the problems on the station's social media accounts or website.

I bet I know the cause...gremlins! As I learned from the 1984 classic by the same name, don't pour water on them and never feed them after midnight.


  1. Automation RULES!!!!!

  2. OK, if the viewers were waiting for the KTRK-TV news @ 10, why didn't they just switch over to KHOU or to KPRC? DUH! (These stations came on at 10:00pm sharp! last night!)

    1. Either they are loyal or just like a good train wreck

    2. I waited for ABC 13 because the other stations....SUCK

    3. You know ABC 13 doesn't have a better newscast. I mean, an anchor of ANY TV Station can read a telepromter! It's just Channel 2 does it better!

    4. Let's be real. Channel 13 lost the 10pm that night.
      KHOU 4.0, KTRK 3.0, KPRC 2.1. Oddly, they still beat Channel 2 even after their meltdown.

    5. ^^from a demographic that doesn't matter^^

  3. They probably were trying to show live Powerball drawing and had colossal failure.

  4. Does it seem like that kind of thing happens at KTRK an unusual number of times, or is it just that I lived it first-hand too many times myself? I remember not-so-fondly the night that a paperclip shorted out the main audio board and forced us to use the newsroom update mini-desk because it had a mic that was hard-wired to master control.

  5. KTRK Ch. 13 is known for that stuff. Perhaps getting some of the anchors on a countdown before the 10pm news begins on the studio set.

    I also prefer their 1983 news set with the downtown skyline close-ups much better.

  6. So has KTRK addressed/answered this, or are they taking the Obama strategy of "ignore and eventually they won't ask"?

  7. I bet it was make goods on all the ads they messed up during the Texans game. What a joke KTRK.


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