Monday, October 26, 2009

VIDEO: KTRK 13 anchor Dave Ward's movie performance

Who knew the movie career of KTRK 13 anchor Dave Ward would become a big topic on this blog. It started when reader Charlie found Dave Ward's doppelgänger in the 1953 version of War of the Worlds. Next Bob Martin aka "The Acountant to the Stars" found out the longtime Houston anchor really had been in movies!

Martin found the above video clip from My Sweet Charlie (1970) (TV) where Ward played a sheriff. Ward appears at approximately 6:40 minutes of the total 9:09 minute clip. No doubt it is him. Get the popcorn and Icees out to enjoy this clip.

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  1. A really good but short performance by Dave who
    at the time was new to acting. I think he had the ability to do good in the business, however,
    he chose to be a newscaster and has excelled at this. Best to you Dave. jraysmi

  2. This movie was shot out at the lighthouse on Boliver Peninsula

    Wasn't Dave Ward also a cop in Sugarland Express?


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