Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Houston radio DJs of the 1960s talk about era

Former KTRK 13 sports anchor Dan Lovett put together a video a few years ago that focuses on Houston's golden age of radio. Hear from the likes of KILT's Chuck Dunaway, KNUZ's Joe Ford, KNUZ's Paul Berlin, KNUZ's (and current KTRK 13 anchor Dave Ward), KIKK's Bill Bailey, KNUZ's Arch Yancy, KILT's Bill Young, KCOH's Skipper Lee and KILT's Jim Carolla.

They're all talking 60s rock n' roll (lots of Beatles talk) and what it was like working Houston radio and news in those times.

As a bonus, listen to KILT Radio Houston TX from 1966 right here and 1977 here.

Former Houston KILT head writes book 'Dead Air--The Rise and Demise of Music Radio'

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  1. Dan, ran across your Houston DJs of the 60's, ah! such memories. I was visiting my friend Arch Yancy on-air in studio at the time Pres Kennedy was shot in Dallas. The guys in the newsroom scratched on a piece of yellow teletype paper they ripped off the machine that said, "President Shot" Arch and I looked at each other for a moment and laughed thinking they were pranking us. Then, realizing the seriousness, Arch who had a cut going, said, "What should I do?" Stop the music" I said yes and he said you better get the hell out of here" I never saw arch again, but will always rememeber where I was when this tradjedy happened. I think KNUZ was one of the first in the nation to air the news as the call came from a reporter in Dallas


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