Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Former Houston KILT head writes book 'Dead Air--The Rise and Demise of Music Radio'

Dead Air: The Rise and Demise of Music RadioAs his bio says, Bill Young served as Director of Programming for KILT AM/FM-Houston from 1966 to 1981. Under Young's 15 year leadership, KILT dominated Houston ratings and achieved national acclaim, including recognition as "Radio Station of the Year" and "Program Director of the Year."

Now he's back to talk about the demise of the radio industry.

In his book, Dead Air--The Rise and Demise of Music Radio Young chronicles, "the brilliant, and at times, outrageous personalities who changed both an industry."

I have not personally read the book, but it is a topic I'm interested in...guess that is pretty obvious if you read my blog. You can read excerpts from the book here.

Dead Air: The Rise and Demise of Music Radio

(Thanks Sid)


  1. He can write another entire novel solely focused on the horrible, unprofessional, filthy and unlistenable Josh Innes. I cant wait for him to be fired....

  2. Funny - I love listening to Josh....great change of pace. Maybe it's time you try and find KODA again. :-)

  3. @2:17, 10:34:
    Whatever you say, Josh. Nobody likes your schtick. Come November your contract is up and you can waddle your inept ass back to Baton Rouge.


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