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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can you imagine Houston TV after Dave Ward?

Dave Ward wants to hit 50 years with KTRK abc13 - but what happens to us after that?

Dave Ward to step down from KTRK ABC13's 10pm news
Dave Ward to start 2015 with reduced workload

Bob Allen, Laura Ward, Dave Ward
While I was on my blogging break, David Barron wrote about Dave Ward's latest contract extension. Ward's goal is to stay on KTRK abc13 for 50 years.

Then it hit me...we will one day have Houston TV without Dave Ward (I guess we had David Ward for a spell, but that's a different story).

As I said on the radio a few weeks ago, on the day I was born, The Houston Chronicle listed Ward, Ed Brandon and Bob Allen as the talent on that day's Live at 5 in the TV section.

From hurricanes to wars, Ward has been there giving us the details for decades. Others like me only know life with Dave Ward on TV! Seriously, he's probably been more consistently in the lives of Houstonians than family members.

Just on this blog alone, I've watched Ward hit the 40 year milestone, 45 year milestone to last year just announcing, "They’ll probably carry me out of [KTRK abc13] feet first."

All good things must come to an end though (unless Ward can become virtual like Max Headroom).

So that leads us to who will take over Ward's main anchor chair at Houston's top rated station KTRK?

Will it be?
A) Tom Koch
B) Art Rascon
C) Tom Abrahams
D) Erik Barajas
E) Another internal candidate
F) Someone from the outside

If I were a betting man, I'd pick D. Why? You never bet against the Barajas TV Dynasty. It is their destiny!

If this prognostication becomes true, I will link back to this post over and over again forcing you to call me by the snazzy name "The Newstradamus of H-Town." If it doesn't happen, you'll never see a link to this post again.  This is preparing me for a life as a political pundit one day.

Dave Ward to step down from KTRK ABC13's 10pm news
Dave Ward to start 2015 with reduced workload

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