Tuesday, November 02, 2010

TV anchors named Barajas taking over Houston and Texas

It's a Barajas TV news world in Houston - you and I just happen to watch it. Fox 26 KRIV and KTRK 13 have helped launch what Isiah Carey AKA The Insite is calling a Barajas media dynasty.

Longtime Houston television news viewers will know Fox 26 KRIV anchor Mike Barajas. Many will also know his nephew, Erik Barajas, an anchor at KTRK 13.

But that is just the beginning blogs The Insite.

Mike's son, Bill Barajas, who interned at KTRK 13 when I was there, is now a reporter at KRGV 5 in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. It doesn't stop there. Supposedly Mike's other son, John Paul, is interested in the TV news business when he graduates. (UPDATE 8/7/2013 - Bill Barajas joins KSAT from KRGV)

TV dynasties are nothing new. Go to the Oklahoma City TV market and you'll find the Ogle brothers working for various television stations. But there are only three Ogles. Sounds like the Barajas family could overtake their numbers in Houston one day.

Imagine Barajas anchors on every TV station:
- They could all perform a comedy/dance routine at the Houston Press Club's Gridiron Show.
- Pose for a Barajas TV news guy calendar
- Team Barajas: Crush other anchor teams in organized sporting events
- Send coded family messages to each other through their news scripts and on camera facial expressions
- Buy a Houston TV station, change the call letters to KBAR and have a Barajas anchor on every day part
- Use their media positions to overthrow city government and install other Barajas family members

This list could go on forever.

What Fox 26 KRIV anchor Mike Barajas drives

(Images courtesy of UH)


  1. That's ok-- Mike and Erik are 2 of my favorite anchors!

  2. LoL It never occured to me that theyre related.

  3. I want more of them on the air here.

  4. Anon, I didn't know Erik Barajas was Mike's nephew, and you're right the family dynasty just keeps on growing and growing.

    When Dave Ward calls it quits at KTRK Ch. 13, any chance Erik could replace him as the prime-time anchor ?

  5. You jinxed Mike... lol..

  6. Erik would be a solid replacement. Let's hope he doesn't succumb to the pointed head hair style like a counterpart on KPRC.

  7. Oh please. we don't need some punk to be a permanent replacement who thinks he runs the show, or actually owns it. He sucks at giving the news. He sometimes doesn't even let the other anchor talk. He's ugly. That is why I stopped watching channel 13.

  8. Oh please, not Eric, put someone else like Art Rascon as solid replacement. We don't need some nerd as a replacement.

  9. Erik or Art, I'd watch either one. They're both great at what they do.

  10. Mike And Erik Was So Much Better With Houston Television News, They Lived In Houston With Lots And Lots Of Memories In Houston.


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