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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bob Allen to KHOU 11

Bob Allen has died after cancer battle

Bob Allen leaves KTRK abc13 in January, now joins KHOU 11

Bob Allen said when he left KTRK abc13, he wasn't ready to retire. He was not joking as he moves down the Houston TV dial to KHOU 11. My email box and social accounts are blowing up as KHOU revealed the news today. This one was kept quiet ahead of time because I didn't hear any rumors about it.

Allen replaces Butch Alsandor who left KHOU at the end of February in a surprise move.


Here is more from KHOU:

bob allen
Bob Allen KHOU 11
KHOU 11 announced Thursday that veteran sports broadcaster Bob Allen is joining the station later this month as weekday sports anchor. For nearly four decades, Allen has been a trusted voice for Houston-area viewers, covering everything from high school sports to the Super Bowl.

"We’re pleased to welcome Bob to KHOU 11," said Susan McEldoon, KHOU 11 President & General Manager. "His unparalleled experience in this market, his commitment to the communities we serve, and his genuine love of Houston sports are invaluable assets."

Allen’s return to Houston television follows his departure from KTRK in January, where he was sports director since 1974. Allen said after being off the air a while, and looking at what promises to be another exciting year for Houston sports, he realized he’s not ready to step away from covering sports just yet.

"I’ve still got a lot of stories left to tell," Allen said. "And I’m very excited for the opportunity to be covering the stories so many people care about on a great television station like KHOU."

"Bob’s not just another TV sportscaster, he’s a Houston icon," said Philip Bruce, KHOU’s Executive News Director. "Having Bob on our team is an enormous plus. And I know Houston viewers will appreciate having him in their homes again each night, as they have for so many years."

Allen will join KHOU 11’s award-winning sports team of Matt Musil and Daniel Gotera. His KHOU 11 debut is Thursday, April 25.


  1. I liked Butch, he did a good job, so I have to say I'm really excited to see Bob be the guy to fill his spot.

    Bob is great, and as you mention in your article, he is a Houston Icon. It was way too soon for him to come off the air.

  2. This is awesome!

  3. The most recent Houston talent to join a rival station Andy Cerota (KTRK to KPRC) and Jerome Gray (KHOU to KPRC). I can't wait to watch Bob on KHOU it will be strange at first.

    1. Sherry Williams (KRIV to KHWB/KHCW/KIAH to KHOU).

      Mia Gradney (KHWB/KHCW/KIAH to KHOU).

    2. KHOU 11's Shern-Min Chow has also worked at KTRK and KPRC.
      KHOU 11's Jeff McShan used to be a sports reporter at KTRK.
      KTRK 13's Christi Myers worked for KPRC and KHOU.
      Katishia Cosley has moved between KTRK and KIAH 39.
      KTRK 13's Katie McCall used to work at KIAH.
      KHOU 11's Vicente Arenas used to work at KTRK.
      KHOU 11's Sherry Williams used to work at KIAH.
      KHOU 11's Gene Norman used to work at KTRK.
      KPRC 2's Frank Billingsley used to work at KTRK
      Fox 26 KRIV's Ford Atkinson used to work at KPRC.
      Fox 26 KRIV's Emily Akin used to work at KPRC.

  4. That is an up yours to channel 13.

  5. KHOU 11 Now has Houston's BEST sports anchor!

  6. Can't stand his replacement at 13...he's just a statue with no personality. Why they hired him I haven't a clue

    1. Agreed. I gave him the opportunity, but then turn off 13 when he comes on. Bob Slovak is 100 times better than Bob Allen's replacement. Why they didn't promote Slovak is beyond me. I'm still looking forward to when Tim Melton comes back.

    2. I doubted if Tim Melton will ever come back. Some people don't recuperate from a stroke. I know several people who have had strokes and they were not the same anymore after having a stroke. I wish him a speedy recovery. And I hope that his health is not deteriating or is not getting any worse. I can't say that he won't or will recuperate anytime soon. Recuperation takes a lot of time for a stroke patient.

  7. so, is the real story that he got pushed out at 13?

    1. I hope not! But if they did replace him, it should be Bob Slovak. They don't deserve to have Bob Allen anymore.

  8. I have to say was shocked on this when watched CH 11 tonight at 6.

    I was told about it they said something at 5 but didn't believe it because thought Bob was stepping away after as long as he has been around. But I had a feeling when the Texans didn't quite make it deeper in playoffs he probably would be back.

    I loved Butch with 11 as well but this is quite the coo.

  9. WTH Bob Allen?
    I am a loyal ABC 13 viewer... it is not the same without you!
    Oh well...I can't stand KHOU 11.

  10. Love Bob Allen, but hate channel 11 especially with the new look so ill have to sadly pass. Im sticking to channel 13.

  11. @ "That is an up yours to channel 13." Get a clue: channel 13 does not care what channel 11 does. This is a waste of money. Since when does Sports drive ratings?

  12. He chose KHOU really??? They must have gave him an offer he definitely couldn't refuse.

  13. Something's missing here...wonder why he really left ktrk?

  14. Can't stand Bob Allen E. The only ONLY reason I watch channel 11 is for David P weather the rest are plastic with perfect hair etc etc etc...

  15. If you think the hair is perfect you are sad. And mistaken.

  16. Channel 13 is my favorite station and have given Bob's replacement a chance by force viewing, after several weeks he still doesn't impress me he has No personality

  17. He either had a facelift or so much botox shot in that his forehead doesn't move. I enjoyed him at 13 but have never really watched since I can't stand Dave Ward who they should throw out the door he is the most unfriendly person I have encountered on the news. I love 11 and Greg Hurst, replace Lisa Foranda with Shern Min Chow and things will be perfect, why they hired Lisa is beyond me, all she can say is thank you thank you and has no "give and take" with Greg who is great. Love 11 except for her and still miss "Doc Neil".


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