Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bob Allen promos show up on KHOU 11

KHOU 11 starts Bob Allen promotion

Bob Allen channel 11 Houston
Bob Allen
Bob Allen is returning to Houston TV this Thursday (I believe just in time for the start of sweeps) and KHOU has already pulled out a big time promotional campaign (If you don't see the video, click the link below otherwise it is embedded).

"I’ve still got a lot of stories left to tell," Allen said in statement released by KHOU a few weeks ago. "And I’m very excited for the opportunity to be covering the stories so many people care about on a great television station like KHOU."

Bob Allen left abc 13 KTRK last January after being with the station since 1974. He replaces Butch Alsandor who left KHOU at the end of February in a surprise move.


  1. Just from an outsider point of view, Bob's not only back, he's apparently angrier, more bitter and kicked himself off the senior tour due to stiffness--in the hip. Get that man a drink and some glucosamine STAT!

  2. "I know a winning team when I see one"

    That line to me seems like he's taking a jab at KTRK.

    1. Gee you think just that is a jab at KTRK? What about leaving a station after nearly 40 years and then appearing on its biggest rival within months? What is happening at channel 13?

    2. I would have thought that there was something happening at the station as well if it weren't for the latest sweeps rating putting channel 13 miles ahead of their closest competition channel 11.

    3. HOW AWFUL!!!!!! Bob Allen....I watch channel 11 for David Paul not the plastic hair bunch...bring Butch back PLEASE

    4. Who are these people who talk about Ch 13 ratings and just flat out lie? Look at the fine print every time they claim tobe Number One--it's always some sliced and diced demographic. Count viewers period, the number of people watching, and Channel 13 knows how much BS it's big claims are at 10pm. It's fine to like or hate who you want, but please tell the truth.

  3. Great promo. Good to see Bob back on air.


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