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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fox 26's Chris Stipes has near death experience

Fox 26 KRIV morning anchor Chris Stipes has close call

Chris Stipes
Chris Stipes
Fox 26 KRIV morning anchor Chris Stipes and his wife, KTRK abc13 weekend morning anchor/reporter Elissa Rivas, had a very close call Wednesday evening.

 Stipes posts more on his station Facebook page:

"Praise be to GOD! My wife and I almost died today. We were on the 59 feeder near downtown when a giant pick-up truck ran a red light at about 60mph and almost T-boned us.

I screamed "gun it, gun it" to my wife who was driving. The truck slammed on its brakes and swerved, missing us by maybe a couple of feet. It's good to be alive. Goodnight."

Elissa Rivas
Elissa Rivas

I too have seen this kind of thing happen in the past, especially when I used to live in Midtown.

The night started out fun for the TV power couple though.

Stipes posted earlier that he was at the Houston Astros game. That ended well at least, with the Lastros getting a series win against the Seattle Mariners.

As for Stipes, other than a harrowing experience on Highway 59, the rest of this year has been good for him so far. In March, he placed second in the 2013 Texas Associated Press TV winners "News Anchor or Anchor Team" category.

Stay safe out there, today is only the first day of the May book after all.

UPDATE MAY 06, 2013
Fox 26 KRIV morning anchor Chris Stipes and his wife KTRK abc13 weekend morning anchor Elissa Rivas are expecting

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