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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Houston Texas AP TV winner 2013 breakdown

I featured the 2013 Texas Associated Press TV winners when they were announced at the beginning of March. Since then, I have been asked to give a breakdown of the Houston winners.

So here we go. The stations with the most amount of wins from top to bottom:





Some highlights of note.

Fox 26 KRIV had two winners for Weathercast:

1. KRIV, Houston. Jim Siebert. 9 p.m. Weathercast. Aired June 26, 2012
HM: KRIV, Houston. Mike Iscovitz. KRIV Fox 26 Houston. Aired June 26, 2012

KRIV also had two wins for its morning newscast:

Morning Newscast
1. KRIV, Houston. Shannon Dillon, Kevin Collins & Rhoda Chanette. FOX 26 News at 6 a.m. Aired June 26, 2012
News Anchor or Anchor Team
2. KRIV, Houston. Chris Stipes. Chris Stipes in Action

Fox 26 KRIV reporter Greg Groogan placed the most on the list of any H-town reporter. Fox 26 KRIV's Greg Groogan and KHOU 11's Kevin Reece tied for the most places - three times each.

Even though Wayne Dolcefino is no longer at KTRK 13, he and his 13 Undercover unit folks won a combined six awards.

Sports reporter Daniel Gotera won 1st and 2nd place in Sports Story:

1. KHOU, Houston. Daniel Gotera & Bob Luna. Pearland's Johnny Baseball
2. KHOU, Houston. Daniel Gotera & George Jensen. Riley's Story

KHOU swept the Specialty or Beat Reporting category:

1. KHOU, Houston. Scott Noll. Scott Noll Reports
2. KHOU, Houston. Jeremy Rogalski, Keith Tomshe & David Raziq. Keep 'em Honest
HM: KHOU, Houston. Andrew Horansky. Medical Reporting

Congrats to all of the winners.

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