Monday, September 21, 2015

WATCH: Ron Stone's last KPRC 2 newscast

In September 1992, Ron Stone anchored his last KPRC 2 newscast

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In September of 1992, one of Houston's greatest television news anchors retired and all this week we'll take a look at classic Ron Stone and KPRC 2, no make that Big 2, videos.

This all thanks to Houstonian Josh Burdick who must have quite the VHS collection because he's been unloading clips to YouTube in a mass frenzy.

In fact, Burdick just recently posted Stone's last newscast which was way more tribute than news. The clip features co-anchor Linda Lorelle, weatherman and co-hort Doug Johnson, Craig Roberts and more.

You know who went on to replace Stone the next day? That's right, current channel 2 anchorman Bill Balleza.

But wait there's more, even Stone's competitors like KHOU 11's Steve Smith and KTRK abc13's Dave Ward make appearances on Stone's last newscast. And oh yeah, in the other clip, Tom Brokaw says goodbye to Stone.

Come back tomorrow for more!

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  1. McGuff, you might want to tell Josh Burdick to upload the final weekend newscast of Ch. 13's Van Hackett from the Summer of 1987!

    1. Van Hackett, Van Hackett, Van Hackett !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These days consultants would tell the station to fire Stone for his "folksy" and boring in their opinion delivery. They would want faster and more dramatic or what you or I might call "fake".

  3. I interned with him around that time. He was just the sweetest man. No ego at all! He was funny too!


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