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Monday, August 31, 2015

Craig Roberts returns to KPRC 2

Craig Roberts re-launches "The Daily Craig" column on KPRC 2's

Craig Roberts was the longest-tenured sportscaster at KPRC 2. He arrived at the station in 1980 and delivered the news with his irreverent style until 2002.

Now Roberts is back on KPRC 2's with his "The Daily Craig" column on the station's website

That column actually was a mainstay at his last station, News 92 KROI.

I wonder if Roberts will make any guest appearances on Sports Sunday? He created that show in 1983 and it's still on the air today.

Roberts has always been a busy guy. In addition to his KPRC 2 work in the evening, Roberts used to serve up a helping of sports news on 101 KLOL's Stevens and Pruett show (Anyone heard about an upcoming Rock 101 KLOL documentary?).

You could also find him doing play-by-play for the University of Houston and the Houston Oilers, as well as college basketball on NBC Sports.

Roberts later did sports talk on 790 KBME.

Roberts is a graduate of Southern Illinois University. He served three years in the U.S. Marine Corps.


  1. It's about time he came back to KPRC-TV!

  2. KTRK needs to hire Craig and get rid of the guy they have now.

  3. Too bad. He sucked lemons and his dismissal in 2002, and the classless way he handled it, was hilarious.

  4. I'm surprised he's back, after the way he left channel 2. I'm guessing though they think his column will be click bait.


    1. When he was fired (didn't leave) he embarrassed himself with error-riddled High School radio play by play calls, and he occasionally called local sports radio stations and spewed his bitterness toward KPRC. Which in itself defies logic that this rat is actually back at the station.

  6. Roberts embarrassed himself on TV like that when he was fired back in 2002 ?


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