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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rock 101 KLOL documentary in production

Since Ken Hoffman wrote about it in his Houston Chronicle column, it is time to announce I am working on a Rock 101 KLOL documentary:

KLOL's home was a dump of a building at 510 Lovett in [Montrose]. Yeah, but it was a legendary dump. Some of the greatest stars in rock history played live on KLOL. If the walls could talk, or if they had a security camera in the garage, there'd be plenty of people still apologizing for things that went on at 510 Lovett.
But nothing lasts forever, especially not in radio. Stevens and Pruett were let go, Steele became a mommy and a private entrepreneur, and Moby went country and moved to Atlanta. All the supporting characters, like Eddie “The Boner” Sanchez, Tubby Peckerwood and Locke Siebenhausen, gasp, took real jobs. READ MORE

I am taking freelance gigs to pay for the film and have already started shooting (if you know of a source that would be interested in funding this...please let me know).

Eventually I will build a website to talk more about it and post videos as interviews are shot. You will be able to track the progress and hear some amazing stories along the way there.

My blog will also be featuring more news on Houston and Texas documentaries. We have a lot of great stuff going on here that is flying beneath radar I have a feeling. Please contact me through email or social media about anything in the area documentary world.

VIDEO: Houston street art documentary


  1. Crash Collins - was that "Crash in Your Dash"? He was ancient when I saw him 25 years ago.

  2. Pretty sure that is the same guy.

  3. Lanny Griffeth, Dayna Steele, Linda Silk.. Great times! and considerable memories. Right next door was KILT with their "For Headphones Only" show at night.
    Thanks to each one of the KLOL personalities for a lot of great times growing up here in Houston!


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