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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fox 26 KRIV could use a Fiona Gorostiza

Dallas-Fort Worth viewers wake up to Fox 4 KDFW's Good Day each morning and the wild exploits of Fiona Gorostiza. She is a feature reporter/weather person on the popular DFW morning show.

Since Fox 26 KRIV is now six hours in the morning (4 to 10am), I thought the Houston Fox owned and operated station might want to get a Fiona Gorostiza type of its own.

You can't ask for better material than this for a Fox morning show. The above video shows Fiona sinking a boat during a live shot. Here she is singing with a Fox 4 band. Here she is trying out for So You Think You Can Dance. These are great ways to entertain the audience and fill time. KRIV has six hours after all.

While I am playing armchair quaterback for Fox 26 with ideas no one has asked for or even wants for that matter...I would like to see hard news breaks at the top and bottom of the hour in the later hours of its morning block. This could be done with an anchor sitting at the news desk in the newsroom and would follow a network morning program local break format. Some quick news headlines, traffic and weather. The show could then open in the news studio as usual for the Extra segments.

I would also like to see a more informal set added. Sure that costs money, but a couch and rug in the corner of the studio (or secondary studio) can't cost that much. If the news in the later hours goes lighter, why not a lighter feel to it?

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