Wednesday, August 11, 2010

VIDEO: KPRC 2's Ron Stone and Doug Johnson sure had on air chemistry

Before Tribune Company came up with the anchor-less NewsFix for KIAH 39, TV anchors mattered to television stations.

Look back at two Houston TV legends, Ron Stone and Doug Johnson, when they anchored the revived Scene at Five on KPRC 2 in the late 1980s. These two had a ton of on air charisma and chemistry. It is literally like watching two old friends. You don't get stuff like this outside of a morning show these days and even those newscasts are heavily formatted for the most part.

- KPRC The Scene at Five Premiere, 4/4/88
- KPRC Channel Two News at 10pm w/Sign Off


  1. What a memory!! I remember that freeze and not having water for 10days because of frozen pipes. Remember the "rolling blackouts"? I also remember sliding through the interesection of Westheimer & Chimney Rock with a red light due to the ice. I thought I was history.

    But I mostly remember the chemistry Ron & Doug had. They really acted as though they were buddies and I think they were.

    Does anyone remember when Doug had his radio show on KPRC radio? He would read poetry every day!! Imagine that today. Wouldn't be PC.

  2. Joe Stinebaker8/12/2010 11:02:00 AM

    Off topic, but I think I heard them say the pay raise vote in the Senate was 98 for and 6 against. My memory has faded somewhat since the late 1980s, but did we used to have 52 states back then? Which are the two that seceded?

  3. Miss those guys!

    Keith Christensen

  4. I dearly miss them also. Local Houston television news just hasn't been the same since Marvin Zindler [KTRK] and Ron Stone with Doug Johnson [KPRC] ..... and, I dare say, it never will be like that again. Great memories!

  5. I miss Ron Stone and Doug Johnson together!!


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