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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bob Allen lives a double life in Lone Star

A friend of mine, who grew up in Texas, couldn't believe her eyes when she read the article about the upcoming TV series called Lone Star. Not because it sounds like a modern day Dallas, but because of the lead character named Bob Allen from Houston:

The series, which is set in Texas and is sometimes compared to “Dallas,” is about a man who is secretly leading two lives. In Houston, Bob Allen is ingratiating himself with his wife’s oil-rich family. In Midland, where Bob goes by the name Robert Allen, he is bilking local investors and deceiving his girlfriend. And yet, he can seem sympathetic to the viewers. READ THE REST

WTF? You might recognize the name 'Bob Allen' since Bob Allen has been anchoring KTRK 13's sports since the 1970s. What a strange coincidence or is it?

The real Bob Allen has talked about his Hollywood connection on this very blog. Maybe his movie acting rubbed off on the Lone Star creator or writers!

KTRK 13 sports director Bob Allen's Hollywood fame

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