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Monday, November 02, 2009

KTRK 13 sports director Bob Allen's Hollywood fame

Houston TV anchors in Hollywood movies has been a big topic on this blog lately. So let's keep it going with KTRK 13 sports director Bob Allen.  Here is what he Facebooked me:

Mike...I am saddened and disappointed you left out two very seminal moments in cinema. My appearance as Frank the sportscaster in the ABC made for TV movie in 77 called "Murder at the World Series". I even remember my line. "There he is..Bill..Bill Virdon...who will you pitch on Friday?"

Then there's the blockbuster 1989 theatrical juggernaut "Night Game" with Roy Scheider, where I was the Astros play by play announcer, who's miscall of the winning pitcher got someone killed in Galveston.

Don't worry Bob, we have it chronicled now. In fact I am proud to share this review of Allen's from Night Game that is featured on Wikipedia:

Critics hailed the cameo performance of real-life KTRK-TV sportscaster Bob Allen as the team's radio announcer.

You can watch the trailer here:

But Bob actually forgot Hold Please (1993) where he played Morty Edelson. Hold Please is listed on Allen's IMDB page, but he says he was not in it.

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