Friday, October 16, 2009

VIDEO: KTRK's Dave Ward vs the aliens?

Charlie, a keen blog reader, emailed me this very funny observation about the 1953 version of War of the Worlds. If you fast forward to 2:35 of the above clip, there is a musician that looks a lot like KTRK Channel 13 anchor Dave Ward!

Is this actor even wearing a channel 13 pin on his collar? Do time machines really exist? Did the aliens do this?

(Thanks Charlie)


  1. That is so scary! He reads the news like he calls a square dance! WOW!

  2. Actually mike, Charlie ripped that one off from me. But as I can't take credit for the YouTube posting, I'll let him have it. I'll be down at Kay's drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon if you need to reach me.

  3. Yeppers--- surely does resemble our beloved Dave Ward, ABC13.1 Anchorman (from another time-another place perhaps?)


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