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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fox 26 KRIV anchors also in movies/TV shows

Leave it to Bob Martin aka "The Accountant to the Stars" to uncover that even more Houston anchors have appeared in movies.

But first, I was surprised that Monday's post that actually had video of KTRK 13 main anchor Dave Ward in a Patty Duke film did not do that much traffic. All of the posts I wrote about Ward's Hollywood career prior did well, but the one that actually had Ward dressed as a sheriff shooting a man did underwhelming traffic in this blogger's estimation! Come on people, this was the golden ticket if you will.

Anyway, Martin lets us know that Fox 26 morning anchors Jose Grinan and Sibila Vargas have both appeared on the silver screen according to IMDB and independent confirmation. Don't forget, Martin is a Fox 26 contributor you know.

Grinan played a racecar driver who was killed in his first race in the movie The Daredevil (1972) with George Montgomery.

Vargas has appeared in a bunch of TV shows (mostly as a TV reporter) such as ER, Charmed and The Practice. This makes sense because prior to Fox 26 KRIV Vargas was the entertainment reporter for CNN. According to IMDB, Vargas is married to Alexander J. Pappas who has worked as a Second Unit Director or Assistant Director on a variety of Hollywood projects.

I guess its time to hit IMDB and start looking up all of the Houston anchors...who knows what we'll find!

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