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Monday, May 08, 2023

José Griñan to retire from FOX 26 Houston

José Griñan announced his retirement from FOX 26 Houston KRIV after 30 years with the station.

José Griñan honored in airplane hangar!

UPDATE JUNE 23, 2023
Watch Griñan sign off FOX 26 KRIV

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The station says he will continue to anchor mornings with Melissa Wilson at FOX 26 until the end of June 2023.

"We will certainly miss him," Wilson commented on the Mike McGuff Facebook page.

Here is a transcription from Griñan's on-air announcement concerning his FOX 26 Houston retirement:

Griñan: Now turning to something a little more personal after 30 years at FOX 26, I'm officially retiring at the end of the month of June.

Wilson: That just takes my breath away to hear you be able to say that and so calmly. But you were so excited. I know. Bittersweet?

Griñan: Well, 30 years in one place has really made a big mark on me because half of my life basically has been spent here at the station with you by my side.

Wilson: Oh, my goodness, it's been an incredible run.

Griñan: It really has been. It really has been. How many years? 15?

Wilson: We've been together on air 13, But we've worked together 23. So you've been he's been my hubby for 13 years. How do I Live without you? That's my theme song today.

Griñan: That's my on air wife.

Wilson: Well, what's up next? What are you going to do?

Griñan: Well, I'm going to try and work with some nonprofit organizations in the community, but I just wanted to say thank you to all of the employees here at FOX 26 who have been very, very heartwarming and then all the best of luck as well as to all of those in the community who have supported me over the past 30 years, because it has been it sometimes it's been rough, but the community has been there for me.

Wilson: Well, I tell you what I mean. Houston's not going to know what to do without you being on air. They don't know FOX without you. Most of all, I know that we hear people say all the time they grew up with us and we wish you nothing but happiness. But he's going to be here a while. What, another good six weeks or so? Yes, yes, yes.

Griñan: So I'm not going anywhere just yet.

Wilson: Stick around as long as we can. All right. Well, we wish you the very best, dear.

Griñan: Thank you, sweetheart.

"What a career," FOX 26 morning anchor Sally MacDonald posted on Facebook.  "Can’t imagine our mornings without him. Congratulations Jose!"

Griñan was the first anchor on FOX 26's morning newscast back in August 1993, back when the studios were located where Central Market is today on Westheimer.

He came to Houston from KDFW 4 Dallas-Fort Worth (before it was a FOX station) where he was an anchor/reporter.  Griñan's bio says that he was one of the first journalists on scene of the Branch Davidian siege near Waco. 

Previously he served as a correspondent/host of "Crime Watch Tonight" and freelance reporter for CNN.

Griñan was in Miami at WTVJ 6 and WCKT (now WSVN 7) with time at the Satellite News Channel in between.

The University of South Florida got his start at KTSM AM-FM-TV El Paso in 1975 as a reporter/weekend anchor.

Griñan, a member of the National Association of Black Journalists since 1978, also maintains membership in the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

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