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Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Art Rascon updates us on Ironman injuries

We've watched Art Rascon recover from a snake bite, COVID and low blood pressure, now we are seeing him come back from injuries sustained while competing in an Ironman Texas competition.  

And if you know the former abc13 KTRK "Live at Five" anchor (and current Texas TV commercial spokesperson), he was also known to cover many wars and natural disasters.  In those instances he came out unscathed.

After a wreck in the 112 mile bike ride portion of the competition, Rascon got up with two broken wrists and finished one hour and 45 minutes ahead of the deadline!

"I was grateful to run across the finish line, it was a great feeling," Rascon told "When I crossed the finish line, I was incredibly grateful, I started to cry. My mom was putting my medal around my neck, and I just wept, it was really special."

It was a painful journey to get to that finish line where his 82 year old mother was volunteering and the rest of his family including son and abc13 KTRK morning anchor Jacob were waiting to cheer him on.

After the wreck on his very specialized Ironman bike, Rascon told me he could not grab the steering wheel anymore.  He had to set his hand on the bars to guide it while relying more on his leg muscles instead of his entire body to move forward.

He told me every time he went over a bump he screamed, but nobody was around to hear him. 

As the days progressed after the event, he felt new pain and saw more bruising. 

Now a few weeks removed from the accident, Rascon tells me he is still doing his consulting work and getting much better!

Read his Facebook post below to see how his Faith helped him get through the race and into recovery.

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