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Friday, January 15, 2021

Art Rascon is battling COVID-19

Art Rascon returned to work at abc13 KTRK after a long battle with COVID-19.

Art Rascon


Longtime abc13 KTRK anchor Art Rascon and his son, KPRC 2 anchor Jacob Rascon, took to Facebook to publicly talk about their family's battle with COVID-19.

The father and son Houston journalists report that right after Christmas, many of their family members in their Houston social bubble started showing symptoms of COVID.

"Thankfully, most of us had mild to moderate symptoms," Jacob said in his post.  "Two weeks later, everyone is essentially recovered except dad. Ashley (Jacob's wife) got it pretty bad, with a fever for eight days, along with other symptoms."

"I have not been so fortunate," Art posted.  "It has been a rough more than 2.5 weeks. The aches, pains, extreme fatigue and fever were terrible, but last Friday night I also began to experience breathing issues. On Saturday I was hospitalized and was released 4 days later. My breathing has improved only slightly. This will no doubt be a long process, but I am grateful for the small steps of progression."

Jacob ended his post by saying that some of their family are still missing their sense of smell, and they are more tired than normal, but doing well otherwise.  He added they are praying for his dad's full recovery, plus healing and comfort for those who have lost loved ones or are suffering in other ways.

"Please say a prayer for my wonderful TV husband Art Rascon," abc13 anchor Melanie Lawson posted on Facebook.  "Art is battling COVID-19.  He’s doing a lot better, but we want him back healthy & strong.  We miss you, Art!"

Lawson's battle with COVID was recently featured on Inside Edition.

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In 2019, Art was hospitalized after a collapsing after getting out of bed. In 2016, a copperhead snakebite sent him to the emergency room.

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