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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Garf is a hunk

I always knew that Michael Garfield The High Tech Texan was good looking, but I never realized he was a 'hunk.'  The things you learn from Ken Hoffman's column in the Houston Chronicle:

Michael Garfield The High Tech Texan on 950 KPRCThanks for your update on the Fox 26 traffic person, Michele Merhar, formerly of KTRH Radio. She is a cute young girl. But that got me thinking.
Is it rare for someone here in radio to make a leap to TV? Usually those radio people have a "face for radio." I checked out radio station websites to see what the disc jockeys look like, and most all of them should stay in that industry. Who do you think could translate easily to TV, at least based on their looks? Only people I can think of are Dana Tyson of Sunny 99 and Michael Garfield of 950 KPRC.
- Amy Block, Pearland

[Hoffman's answer] Dominique Sachse, head chanteuse at Channel 2, and Dave Ward and Bob Allen, the warlords of Channel 13, all started in radio. There are plenty more. You're right about Michael Garfield being a total hunk. I know this because he once told me, "I'm a total hunk." Garfield has starred in a bunch of TV commercials, so he's already crossed the border. READ THE REST

Garf says on Twitter he never uttered those words. He doesn't have to. I think Hoffy and others have been thinking it for years. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here