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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mia Gradney 3rd anchor on KHOU 11 morning news?

Putting Mia Grandey on anchor desk is KHOU's latest move on morning news chess board

Mia Gradney
Mia Gradney
Watching the Houston TV morning news race between KHOU and KTRK as of late reminds me of the Cold War era arms race. One news department is constantly reacting and trying to top the other one. Here's to hoping there is no Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) at the end though.

Each station now must do everything to take out new Houston morning ratings leader KPRC and its two new additions, but the KTRK vs KHOU morning war seems to be more connected.

The latest move appears to be the upping of reporter Mia Gradney to the KHOU 11 News This Morning anchor desk in the past weeks. That's right, there are three anchors on set now including Gradney, Ron Trevino and Lily Jang.

Patricia Lopez
Patricia Lopez
Let's go back in time to 2007 or so (year of arrival not in her bio), when Patricia Lopez showed up at KTRK abc13 to focus on family oriented consumer stories. Stories like how to save money on meals, free stuff for families to do on the weekend...etc. On Lopez's Facebook page, the description is, "ACTION 13 CONSUMER Reporter Patricia Lopez is focused on women's issues and saving you money through her weekly 'Stretch your Dollar' segments on abc13."

KHOU decides to strike back.

Move forward to the summer of 2012 when Gradney leaves KIAH 39 and jumps to KHOU 11 where she is assigned to report on family issues for the station's morning news. Her reporting is described on Facebook as, "Mommy matters, family life, health happenings, and a whole lot more!"

Right before November sweeps 2013, KTRK moves Lopez to mornings which pits the two reporters against each other. While one is waging battle with a free fashion advice app, the other is blasting out smoothie dos and don'ts. Sounds like something out of Sun Tzu's The Art Of War. In this new role, Lopez sits at the anchor desk and is on camera throughout the show - much more than her days in the afternoon newscasts.

Then last week I'm tipped off that Gradney is now an anchor on KHOU's morning newscasts. Sure enough, in my monitoring of the 6am show over the last few days, she is an active participant throughout. But even with the added duties, Gradney still reports on her "mommy matters" beat as of now.

So what will be KTRK's next strike? Lopez will get a full half-hour show during the morning news block?

Neither Gradney nor a KHOU representative would confirm to me that she is officially an anchor on the show. But this follows the T.O.T.T.S. acronym I am now using to confirm things in these cases - Turn On The Television Stupid.

Since you're still reading, you might be interested to know this is not the only anchor change KHOU has made in 2014 so far.

Stay tuned.

KHOU's Ron Trevino hits 30 years at channel 11


  1. McGuff, I think KTRK will strike back hard and if I was Ch. 13, I'd take away one of KHOU's anchors to replace Adela Uchida

  2. KPRC will be on top for a while now

  3. I'm a KHOU fan, I think this is a bad move. It's going to become like CBS This Morning, where you have two very good anchors ( Charlie Rose and Norah O' Donnell ) and then you have Gayle King who I think was just a local reported who only claim to fame is being Oprah's BFF!

  4. She's almost as annoying as Dominique Sachse with her know it all ism's.

  5. Channel 13 is running promos showing that Eyewitness News this Morning is #1.

  6. Mia Gradney maybe semi attractive but her voice is the worst. i cant take her seriously

  7. Her voice has actually improved since she first started. I think that she may have gone to a voice coach. In the beginning, it was really, really, really, really bad!!! She sounded very uneducated. That's the only way I can explain it!

  8. Listen, Gradney has some talent, but clearly she's there for the ebony eye-candy effect. They've already got the Asian and Blonde demo covered w/ Jang, Johnson, and Waley. Gradney rounds things out for Ron's girls!

  9. Does anyone else have trouble understanding everything Pat Lopez says? She seems to slur her words and talks way to fast. I hit the mute button when she does her reports.

  10. Mia Gradney....This was my favorite news station for the past 12 years. I used to put the news while getting ready for work. Now I find myself ready with the remote in hand to mute the TV when the know it all start talking with that annoying voice. Who had the "great idea" of making her anchor?? Put her on the late night news section.. I can not stand her voice and her know it all attitude..

    Please, please, please take her away!!

    1. WOW, was just "Googling" Mia to see if there were any other comments out there about her annoying voice. Glad to know its not just me. She "whines" when she talks. Please stop!!!


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