Monday, October 28, 2013

Patricia Lopez moves to KTRK abc13 mornings

Patricia Lopez moves Stretch Your Dollar and 'much more' to KTRK abc13 mornings

KTRK abc13 Stretch Your Dollar reporter Patricia Lopez is packing it up from the station's 4pm newscast and moving to the morning news she announced tonight:

Hey, friends, I'm moving to the #1 morning show in Houston. I'm really excited about my newest opportunity at Ch. 13, taking Stretch Your Dollar and much more to the mornings. I'll join Tom, Sharron, Casey and Don every morning starting tomorrow (Tues). Can't wait!! See you bright and early.

Patricia Lopez
Patricia Lopez
According to her LinkedIn profile, Lopez has, "become one of the lead consumer experts on the Gulf Coast" in the last five years.

She came to KTRK in 2007 from WPIX New York where she was a reporter for almost two years.

Before that she worked as a reporter at KCNC-TV Denver and KOKI-TV Tulsa.

Outside of local television news, Lopez has also made guest host appearances on ABC's The View. That means Lopez could be tapped if things don't work out for Jenny McCarthy on the Barbara Walters led show...hey, you never know.

Lopez is a Kingwood High and University of Oklahoma graduate.

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  1. "According to her LinkedIn profile, Lopez has, "become one of the lead consumer experts on the Gulf Coast" in the last five years."

    Well, at least she's humble.

    1. I'm wondering if she's compared against "consumer experts" in Tampa, New Orleans, and other cities on the Gulf Coast.

  2. Oh biy another reason to avoid Channel 13 in the mornings!!

  3. I've been thinking for the last year, or so, they should get rid of that segment. She repeats the same ideas and most people know about the things she reports on.

  4. I think she's cute as hell! Great smile!

  5. anyone can do this. consumer reporters just rip off stuff from tv and online. it's not real reporting. ridiculous. what is the point of this postion.

  6. All TV people are who cares.... BTW, watched this morning and it interrupts the entire flow of the newscast. it has no place in the morning show realm.

  7. I'd rather watch & listen to her than Dave Ward,Gina Gaston,Debra Wrigley or Sharron(fake hair) Melton

  8. They all have fake hair and extensions... so do they farts in hollywood. her segment wont last as a morning show. it slows down the pace of the show too much !


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