Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lauren Freeman is new KPRC 2 4pm anchor

Lauren Freeman ditches the 2:30am alarm for the KPRC 2 4pm newscast; Rachel McNeill moves to mornings from 4pm

Lauren Freeman
Lauren Freeman
When KPRC 2 morning anchor Lauren Freeman returned from maternity leave, but started anchoring the 4pm news show, I was a little confused. Turns out I was not the only one. Now her new show is permanent for Freeman as she announced on Facebook yesterday:

I have some exciting news to announce. Starting in December, I'll be anchoring the 4 PM, the midday news and continuing my special assignment reporting. Thank you for all the sweet messages you've sent me about when I'll be returning to mornings. It's so nice to be missed, I'm looking forward to the new hours and no 2:30 AM alarm! This will be an easier schedule to juggle my 4 boys… Yes I include my husband in that!

Lauren will co-anchor with Keith Garvin who has been on that show since 2012.

We can assume that Rachel McNeill, the station's former 4pm anchor, is now the new morning anchor with Owen Conflenti since she has been filling in during November sweeps.

The Houston Chronicle confirms that Rachel McNeill is the new morning show anchor. It also reports that KPRC won November 2013 sweeps run in the morning news.

- KPRC 2's Lauren Freeman delivers baby boy
- Dominique Sachse's 'Due in a Few' announces Lauren Freeman's baby #3

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  1. Not surprised by this development at all on KPRC-TV, NBC 2 Houston.

    Guess some higher-ups at the station, got sick and tired of Freeman's face in the morning and wanted someone else (McNeill will fit right in). Putting her in the afternoon would give her more exposure.

  2. I am glad to see Lauren back. I did love her with Owen in the mornings and such but will be different to see her at 4 but nice to see will be back at the 11 am or such.

  3. I think Lauren would be better off working with someone like Andy Cerota at 4 p.m.
    They work well together on-air.

    1. I think she'd be better off working in a different line of work. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard and her elitist Baylor attitude shows in most of her non scripted comments.

    2. Haters are cute!

    3. Lauren's voice and laugh are annoying. Also, the coughing is an issue.

  4. Has anyone else noticed the multitude of mistakes KPRC makes in the morning. Incorrect addresses, mispronounced words, etc

  5. Glad not to hear the coughing and hacking at 4:30am...but i do like her dry sense of humor/

  6. Can't she take something for her coughing, very annoying?


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