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Saturday, June 04, 2011

KHOU 11 returns anchor Ron Trevino to morning newscast

Call out the helicopter, live trucks, email alerts...oh wait...I'm not a TV station...just a blog, but I do have breaking news!

A kind reader emailed me before 7am this morning saying promos were running on KHOU 11 heralding the return of none other than Ron Trevino to KHOU 11 News This Morning this Monday morning. You might remember Trevino used to anchor that very show with Debra Deborah Duncan a few years ago. This time around, Trevino will join Christine Haas, Katherine Whaley and David Paul (again).

"I'm really look forward to going back on the morning news," Trevino told "It'll be a way to engage with our audience in a more personal way than a traditional newscast. And I specially love that part of it!"

After leaving the morning show, Trevino anchored channel 11's noon newscast and reported for the evening newscasts. That's a pretty good schedule. While a more high-profile gig, a morning anchor job has a much rougher hours.

"Waking up at 2:30 every morning to be at work so early? Well, I will have to get used to that all over again," Trevino told me. "I'm buying all new alarm clocks. You need several in case one breaks down or there's a power failure. It's like NASA...there has to be a backup to the backup. Failure to wakeup is NOT an option!"

When Trevino and Duncan sat at the morning anchor desk, KHOU 11's ratings in that time slot were quite formidable. Since both of their departures (Duncan went on to host Great Day Houston), the show has struggled to keep as many viewers. I always wondered if Trevino would make a return since he was waiting in the wings as they say. No doubt the name Ron Trevino has viewer recognition. According to Trevino's bio, "he is one of KHOU's award-winning journalists, bringing more than 30 years of television news experience to the anchor desk -- 25 of those years, right here at KHOU." That's impressive.

Trevino will be replacing Vicente Arenas who will return to his old schedule too. Arenas goes back to anchoring weekends with Shern-Min Chow. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here