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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Is Talk 650 KIKK-AM getting the format change axe?

Some of my readers are asking, what's going on at Talk 650 KIKK? That's a lot of buzz suddenly surrounding the 250 watt, daytime only, Houston AM radio station.

It all started when Talk650 Morning Show host Brent Clanton (FYI...father of KPRC 2 sports guy Adam Clanton for those who might be interested), announced on the air and online he was told by CBS (owner of 650 KIKK-AM) the station's format was changing. He also said his show will be on the air for a few more weeks:

In fact, as is usually the case in a Radio station format change, once the announcement is made, generally a day or so before execution of the switch, the air staff is summarily dismissed. We’re instead being given the grace period of 30-days to conclude our business with our sponsors and advertisers, and also the opportunity to thank you for your support and say our fare thee well’s. READ THE REST

Talk 650 KIKK control room shot
Brent Clanton and Steven Kay at Talk 650
As for CBS, if the media company is looking to switch Talk 650's format, it isn't ready to talk about it publicly yet.

"We’re always looking at ways to improve our stations," CBS Radio Houston Group Marketing Director Pam Kehoe told "We don’t have changes to announce but will certainly let you know when we do."

One thing we do longtime host is staying put on the 650am frequency. Cleverley Stone, host of The Cleverley Show, confirms she's not going anywhere.

"Yes, I will be on the air at 650," Stone told me. "I'll be live and local every Saturday from 12-2pm, just like I've been since January 2007 on CBS Radio Houston."

650 KIKK has been many formats over the years, just like many other Houston radio stations. Just off the top of my head, it's been  music, business talk, a format created just for Howard Stern, a CNN relay and now talk. I believe most shows follow the "brokered programming" model. That means the hosts sell their own advertising and pay the station to be on the air (anyone willing to sponsor me for a show?).

So what's next? Stay tuned. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here