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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mia Gradney to KHOU 11

What has been the number one question I've been getting asked regarding Houston TV? Where is former KIAH 39 anchor Mia Gradney going?

We have our answer as of today.

Multiple sources tell me she is going to KHOU 11 as a reporter starting July 2nd.

Gradney is from Houston and was an anchor of a station with billboards of her face all over town, I figured she would end up at a station around here. I'm sure she has a lot of viewer recognition behind her.

It was only the beginning of June when Gradney left KIAH 39 officially.  It sure didn't take long for the next gig.

I have reached out to Gradney for comment.

BTW, this could be the last post for a few days.  We just got back into town and my entire family is sick - including me.  Thanks to everyone who sent me news of a station change last Friday.  I am told I will have more info on that soon.

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