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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

KHOU 11 anchor shuffle 2014

KHOU 11's noon and 4pm anchors shift seats

Shern-Min Chow
A KHOU 11 viewer summed it up best this week when he posted on anchor Shern-Min Chow's Facebook page, "The question of the day: Will [Shern-Min Chow] be on the air at noon or 4 or some other time? Oh, the mystery of it all!!"

Viewers have noticed that the station's noon newscast with anchor Katherine Whaley and the 4pm show with anchor Shern-Min Chow have looked a little different over the last few weeks and now we know it has more to do than just funky holiday and vacation schedules.

Who knows if this has anything to do with channel 11's new owner Gannett, but Houston's CBS affiliate is having an anchor reshuffling.

Katherine Whaley
Four PM news anchor Chow confirmed to that she will now anchor the noon news and main anchor Lisa Hernandez will add 4pm newscast duties. Noon anchor Whaley's station web bio has been changed to only mention she does morning traffic. Any reference to her anchoring the 12pm news has been scrubbed.

The male anchor part of the noon and 4pm seem to remain the same. Both noon/morning anchor Ron Trevino and 4pm anchor Len Cannon appear to still be firmly in their seats, but main anchor Greg Hurst was on the 4pm as of yesterday.

Surely Gannett will be making more changes. Email me if you catch any.

For instance, I posted this video clip yesterday that shows the new Gannett ending on a KHOU newscast.

Katherine Whaley's Dash of Decadence


  1. Channel 2 needs an anchor shuffle as well. Maybe they can have Lauren Freeman do a part of the morning show or have her work with someone else in the afternoons. She works well with Owen Conflenti and Andy Cerota.

    1. Sorry, but Channel 2 Today needs no tweaking. It is very good as it is.

    2. Rachel is far superior to Freeman (who is perhaps the worst in Houston), but there are only 2 reason Rachel attracts viewers. Owen is a blowhard who is perhaps the most annoying man on local news, in a neck-and-neck tie with that jackass Ruben. And Reyna? She Peter-Principled at doughnut and coffee server, so I won't bother addressing her ineptness.

      Anthony should replace Chita at KHOU and they'd have the BEST EVER morning lineup.

    3. Still picking on Ms. Reyna are you? It is beyond old, but the rub on you is, she does not really care.

    4. I love how whenever Jennifer Reyna's obvious lack of talent is mentioned, her troll fans and the slugs who find her pretty or think they can date her suddenly put down their Xbox controllers and run to her defense.

    5. Are you describing yourself? The inexplicable amount of time you devote to Reyna bashing might be better spent improving your vocabulary.

    6. Peter Griffin the Family Guy1/27/2014 10:42:00 PM

      Shut up, Meg.

  2. I miss watching Shern-Min anchoring in the evenings.

  3. I agree with everything Anonymous1/23/2014 10:37:00 AM stated! And I mean everything.

  4. Were their ratings suffering at 4 p.m.? Seems like a demotion for Shern-Min to move to the noon newscast.

  5. I liked Katherine at the noon newscast. It does seem like a demotion for Shern-Min.

  6. Anonymous1/23/2014 01:42:00 PM brings up a good point. Maybe Hernandez asked for more $ and in return Gannette / Belo required more anchor-face time from her?

  7. More Katherine is a good thing!

  8. Just saw the Bill Balezza / Seth Meyers KPRC promo. Seth looks 1000 times better than Dom, and Bill still hasn't seen the face swelling go down fom his hatchet job.

  9. Leave Rachel on mornings! Lauren just looks like a mean diva! Morning news needs more friendly personalities!


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