Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Katherine Whaley named KHOU noon anchor

Not sure if/when it was officially announced, but Katherine Whaley named KHOU noon anchor in her online bio

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Ron Trevino & Katherine Whaley

KHOU 11 anchor shuffle 2014

Katherine Whaley got back with me and to her credit, before I posted this, I just missed her email. She told me she's been anchoring the noon since last summer. Shows you how much I know about Houston TV.

Katherine Whaley is the new KHOU 11 noon co-anchor with Ron Trevino.

Last week KHOU moved Whaley's bio up to the top of its website talent page. When I clicked on Whaley's bio, here is what I found:

Native Houstonian Katherine Whaley is passionate about covering stories in city as diverse and dynamic as Houston. You can find Katherine anchoring KHOU 11 News at Noon and helping drivers Beat the Traffic on KHOU 11 News This Morning.

I guess this is a new assignment, because I don't remember an announcement anywhere and I believe that show has generally been a solo anchor gig. Both KHOU and Whaley have been mum when it comes to my requests for information. I was also a little confused when I tuned in noon Monday to see Lily Jang and Tuesday Mia Gradney instead of Whaley (she was there Wednesday).

Guess me going to all the Houston TV website talent bio pages every 30 minutes and hitting refresh pays off.

According to her bio, Whaley grew up in West Houston, attended Memorial High School and graduated with a history degree from Rice University. She went on to work as an anchor and reporter at KLFY-TV in Lafayette, Louisiana, and KAVU-TV in Victoria, Texas. She then worked as an anchor, reporter and even weathercaster at KVBC-TV Las Vegas. Whaley hit the jackpot and was KHOU bound in 2009 where she replaced Darby Douglas in the morning traffic role.

Whaley's bio does not mention where she interned though, and that was at KTRK abc13 (I was working there at the time).

Speaking of the KHOU noon newscast, I could tell when new meteorologist Brooks Garner arrived because this post about Chita Johnson started to explode with traffic.


  1. I noticed Reyna wasn't anchoring at 430. Have they finally realized she can't do the job?

  2. Why can't Lily do the noon, too? Ron does ...

  3. To tel you the thruth, I was really surprised to see Whaley doing the noon news? BecauseI personnaly don't think that the "bond" between anchors is there! Now, when the new weatherman came to Houston, Lily Lang (when the closing credits were rolling on Monday) she did a "fist pump with the new weatherman!" Cool! And by the way, meteorologist Brooks Garner mis-pronouced, (again) Palacios! He could be hanged for what he did! (According to Texas Lore?)

  4. What we need is F-A-T FAT women on TV...I mean the 300 pound whoppers doing the news!!!!!

  5. Something tells me there's gonna be a house cleaning at KHOU.


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