Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Casey Curry does weather on FOX 26 KRIV

The Houston TV tour continues for Casey Curry!

Sunday I broke the news that meteorologist Casey Curry was no longer working for abc13 KTRK.

Monday, Curry exclusively told about her appearance on KPRC 2's Houston Life.

Wednesday at noon, she was with anchor Jose Grinan on FOX 26 KRIV doing the weather segment.

Where will this Houston TV tour continue next? I guess every station wants a chance to woo Curry.

Any radio stations interested? The Chronicle?

By the way, anyone know where Lisa Vaughn is?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ubaldo Martinez promoted to Telemundo Houston main sports anchor

Ubaldo Martinez has been promoted to lead sports anchor at Telemundo Houston KTMD.

In his new role, Martinez will be responsible for the daily supervision of the sports department needs and direction.

"He knows and understands our station vision very well and has done a great job in the last couple of years of helping our sports brand grow in the market," said Telemundo Houston Vice President of News Jerry Vazquez in an email to his staff.

I'm told Telemundo Houston is the only local Spanish-language TV station with sports seven days a week and two fill-time sports anchors.

The station is gearing up to send Martinez to cover the World Cup in Russia next summer.

Martinez joined Telemundo Houston in September 2013.

Before Houston, he worked for Telemundo 30 KTUZ in Oklahoma City as a sports and news anchor.

Martinez earned his undergraduate degree in communications from the University of Oklahoma.

Monday, September 18, 2017

VIDEO: KHWB WB 39 News at Nine (Debut), 9/18/2000

Is Casey Curry co-hosting KPRC 2's Houston Life permanently?

A day after I posted she was gone from abc13 KTRK, meteorologist Casey Curry co-hosts Houston Life on KPRC 2

Casey Curry does weather on FOX 26 KRIV

Derrick Shore with Casey Curry on Houston Life Monday

I thought my phone was going to blow up as ex-abc13 KTRK meteorologist Casey Curry showed up as a co-host with Derrick Shore on KPRC 2's Houston Life Monday.

See, I told you in the last post that it would be interesting to see where she showed up next. That was even faster than I anticipated.

As I told you Sunday, Curry is no longer with channel 13, so she is a free agent.

Clearly channel 2 was excited about that possibility.

The show just lost its meteorologist host Jennifer Broome, here comes meteorologist Curry to save the day!

UPDATE: After posting this, I got to the Galleria Houston Life studio as fast as possible.

Houston Life Executive Producer Don Graham tells this was a guest spot for Curry.

As I have written before, after the departure of Broome, the show held an online casting call.

Graham tells me they received more than a hundred entries. This Thursday, the show will start featuring those finalists.

He assures me Curry is still a possible candidate though.

Curry was nice enough to fill us in on what is going on through a Facebook Live video with me (embedded below). Pardon the camera work.

She says she hasn't had time to jump on social media as of late because she was busy prepping for her Houston Life appearance.

"I want to thank you guys, because you've been so sweet," Curry told concerning Houston TV viewers. "I have loved being a meteorologist for so many of you here in Houston, it's been wonderful, and I hope I'm able to stick around here in Houston and be apart of your TV life. So, now what a wonderful way to start my vacation, hanging out with my friends at channel 2 and do some Houston Life for today."

I'm sure Curry would do very well as a host of this show. She was always great at mixing the serious with the light-hearted news coverage. If the show needs weather coverage...well that's an added bonus.

Casey Curry does weather on FOX 26 KRIV

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Casey Curry exits KTRK abc13

KTRK abc13 meteorologist Casey Curry disappears from KTRK abc13 website; KEYE Austin's Collin Myers introduced on channel 13 weekend morning news

Casey Curry does weather on FOX 26 KRIV

Casey Curry talks to about Houston Life hosting

I'm breaking in on a Sunday morning to report on KTRK abc13 meteorologist Casey Curry leaving the station and KEYE Austin's Collin Myers' arrival in Houston at channel 13.

Sources tell me that Curry is no longer with abc13 and the fact that she has been removed from the station's website confirms that.

My readers are reporting that at 9am this morning, abc13 meteorologist Elita Loresca introduced Myers on air as the new weekend morning met.

Loresca will be moving to the 11am and 4pm newscasts where Curry has worked for several years.

According to her bio, Curry has worked at KTRK since August of 2006. She eventually took Doug Brown's spot on the morning show after he retired.

My blog is by no means an official determination of on-air talent popularity in Houston, but by going on which posts are the most popular here, Curry is in the top echelon.

If you are reading this, most likely you are a big fan.

Then you will probably know that Curry devotes a lot of time to charitable work in Houston. Just follow her on social media and you will see her work and support of charities like Red Collar Rescue, Texas Wildlife Rehab Coalition and Friends of BARC.

She even got a chance to go national as a fill-in on ABC's Good Morning America in 2011.

In 2015, mid-day meteorologist Travis Herzog and Curry swapped shifts.

A few months later, after the station's new set debuted, Curry took a nasty fall on live television which resulted in a broken wrist.

Prior to Houston, Curry most recently had worked places like FOX 4 WDAF Kansas City and KWGN Denver. Before that she worked in Indianapolis, Chicago and Abilene, TX. She got her TV start in Victoria, which for those not in Texas, is very close to Houston.

She is a graduate of the University of Colorado.

Stay tuned.

It will be interesting to see where Curry will end up.

What are your thoughts?

Casey Curry talks to about Houston Life hosting

Casey Curry does weather on FOX 26 KRIV

Casey Curry Demo Reel from CaseyCurry on Vimeo.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Three TV 8 KUHT shows to air nationally in tandem with Ken Burn's THE VIETNAM WAR

The Ken Burn’s documentary series THE VIETNAM WAR premieres on Sunday, September 17 at 7pm on Houston Public Media TV 8 and PBS stations across the country

Lily Jang returns to TV for "Saigon Stories" to air on TV8 KUHT and nationally  

Last April, I wrote about attending a preview of the upcoming Ken Burns and Lynn Novick documentary THE VIETNAM WAR.

Here we are in September already and the series is debuting this Sunday at 7pm on Houston Public Media TV 8 KUHT and PBS stations across the country.

Episodes 1-5: Sun-Thu, Sept 17-22 @ 7 p.m.
Episodes 6-10: Sun-Thu, Sept 24-28 @ 7 p.m.

Trust me when I say this is going to be an unflinching look at a tumultuous time in our history. Very raw and emotional. What makes this docu-series different from the other films I've watched is the access to the North Vietnamese view of the war.

If you are a fan of Burn's work, then you know what you are getting. Just like any of his other covered topics, it will be a very comprehensive and passionate look at a wound in history Burns says we are still healing from as a country.

On a local note, Tran Ngoc Toan, a South Vietnamese soldier who now lives in Houston, is interviewed for the documentary.

Since so many Vietnamese families relocated to the Houston-area after the war, Houston Public Media has produced three accompanying shows that localize the complex history the series will cover.

And I just found out that PBS stations across the country have picked up the Houston produced shows and will be airing them as complimentary programming to the Ken Burns series. VIETV, the largest Vietnamese language TV network in the country, is airing all three as well.

The first show is one I covered on Facebook earlier this year while I was on my blogging break.

Former KHOU 11 anchor Lily Jang hosts and co-produces "Saigon Stories." Houston Public Media Executive Producer Don Geraci, and former KHOU colleague to Jang, approached the former morning anchor about working on the show with the station.

This show will be worth a watch. Not only is it great seeing Jang on television again, but this is a fantastic show from top to bottom. I called Jang after watching an advanced copy and told her submit this for the Lone Star EMMY awards.

Even though Houston is home to one of the largest Vietnamese communities, I don't know much about the Vietnam of today. Jang, Geraci, and crew travelled to Vietnam to provide a look at how Saigon has transformed after the war. She also gives us a glimpse of her personal story as she is originally from Saigon or as it is now known, Ho Chi Minh City.

The next KUHT produced show is “Getting Here: Journeys From Vietnam.”

This show features stories of Houstonians who were Vietnamese refugees. One name many will know is H-Town designer Chloe Dao and winner of Project Runway.

This show will either bring you to tears or make the hair on the back of your neck raise. Dao and others, like VIETV marketing director Jimmy Nguyen, talk about the harrowing experience of escaping their homeland and facing a high probability of death during their journey.

You'll also learn of their experience in coming to America.

There is a third show called “Peace Meals” which I honestly did not have time to preview at the time of this writing. But if it's anything like the other two shows, it will be a worthwhile watch.

Kudos to the entire Houston Public Media team for their excellent work. I know they have been working on these shows for much of 2017.

“Saigon Stories” with Lily Jang – Sept. 18 @ 8:30pm
“Getting Here: Journeys From Vietnam” – Sept. 24 @ 8:30pm
“Peace Meals” – Sept. 21 @ 8:30pm

About KPRC 2's early exit from the Houston Texans game

I'm getting questions about last night's Houston Texans game.

Normally no one in their right mind would ask me about a football game.

Clearly I'm no Charlie Pallilo or Josh Innes.

First of all, there is good news to report that even I can handle. The Texans beat the Cincinnati Bengals 13-9 for their first win of the season. Bad news is that super star J.J. Watt re-injured his finger.

The reason I'm getting questions about the big game is that apparently Houston didn't see the very end while watching it on KPRC 2.

Now KPRC's Facebook page is getting comments asking what the problem was and demanding an apology.

An apology has come from anchor Bill Balleza via Facebook:

Maybe it is not my place, but I'm going to jump in here and apologize for what happened tonight.

Leaving the game with one final play remaining was a mistake, but not a deliberate mistake.

The producer did not hear the announcer say that one second might be added to the game clock, so when the clock hit zero, we began our newscast. We feel terrible about what happened and we sincerely apologize.

We showed the final play during our sports segment and will no doubt show it again multiple times on Friday.

Again, a terrible mistake, but an honest mistake.

Please try to understand how horrible this producer, who is a wonderful individual, feels about his call.

After I posted this item, KPRC did apologize on social media.

I was also taught on social media about the infamous Heidi Game.

Telemundo Houston shares Hurricane Harvey ratings for Spanish-language TV News

As I have been posting KTRK's and KPRC's Hurricane Harvey coverage ratings, I have been asked about the Spanish-Language TV news channel numbers.

Now, Telemundo Houston KTMD answers the call by sending me its ratings information (click to enlarge below graphic).

"As a TV station, we have a responsibility to our local community, which we respectfully embrace and for whom we proudly strive for excellence everyday," Tony Canales, President and General Manager Telemundo Houston, told "We've been on a multi-year mission to consistently deliver best-in-class journalism, with the strategic plan to build an increasing loyal audience. As if our 2017 year-to-date #1 ranking wasn't testament enough that our efforts are working, Hurricane Harvey further exemplified just how far we've come.

"I'm proud to share the attached audience highlight of the most critical time-span during Harvey's historic rampage, as local Spanish-language viewers chose and depended upon us at Telemundo Houston the most for their severe weather information during this catastrophic and deadly storm."

- How did Houston TV stations and employees rank on social media during Hurricane Harvey coverage

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tom Koch and Melanie Lawson hit 35 years at abc13 KTRK

A big congrats to two legendary Houston anchors - Tom Koch and Melanie Lawson. They have been at KTRK abc13 since 1982!

Koch posted more yesterday on Facebook:

We both started at ABC13 Houston on this day in 1982! Though I have seniority because they called me in two hours earlier on my first day for breaking news... no kidding. Melanie Lawson and I have been close friends ever since. It's been an honor to work with such a great journalist and to work at this incredible TV station. Thank you to all our viewers who've supported us for so many years. I hope we have served you well. Here's to many more at #abc13

Here's to many more great years with channel 13 for this anchor duo!

Pamela B. McKay Joins Radio One Houston

Radio One Houston announced Pamela B. McKay as its new Vice President, General Manager. McKay, a radio veteran with over 20 years of sales leadership and station management experience, will oversee the urban powerhouse cluster of MAJIC 102.1 FM, The Box 97.9 FM, Radio NOW 92.1 FM and Praise.

McKay is a welcomed addition to Radio One Houston. She knows Texas radio. Formerly President at iHeart Media in Austin, TX with a track record of leadership excellence, McKay is known for being client orientated and business savvy. She previously held sales leadership positions at KHMX, KPRC and KSEV of Houston, TX. A community advocate at heart, McKay maintains membership at the Center for Child Protection, March of Dimes and the Alliance for Women in Media.

David Kantor, CEO, Radio One and Reach Media said, 'Today is a good day for Radio One Houston. Our team continues to literally weather the storm, but now can do so with a first class leader who is willing to get into the trenches with them. We're excited to have Pam join our team and look forward to the growth of the market based on her multifaceted skill set and robust experience.'

'Houston is a resilient city of tremendous opportunity and I am thoroughly honored to be returning to Houston to join the Radio One family,' said McKay. 'I look forward to re-connecting with previous clients, colleagues and community leaders while also developing many new and exciting partnerships. I'd like to thank Alfred Liggins and David Kantor for providing me the opportunity to represent this great team and these iconic brands to the Houston community.'

McKay's position is effective immediately and she will report to Kantor.

(This post taken from a release from Radio One)