Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Justin Stapleton joins KPRC 2 weather team

KEZI 9 News chief meteorologist Justin Stapleton joins KPRC 2

Justin Stapleton
Justin Stapleton
Justin Stapleton, KEZI 9 News chief meteorologist, is coming to Houston's KPRC 2 the station confirmed to mikemcguff.com. Yes, yes, yes, I am still on a blogging break, but did promise to drop by if anything big happened.

"I've always had a fascination with hurricanes and tropical storms," Stapleton told mikemcguff.com. "That's one of the draws to KPRC and Houston, an opportunity to forecast storms when they get into the Gulf and to be out in the field reporting when severe weather hits. More importantly, a chance to learn from some amazing seasoned mets like Frank and the rest of the team. Also to get a chance to learn from a former NHC director, Dr. Read, is an incredible bonus."

If you like storms, Houston is your place. And I have a feeling Stapleton will be able to remain cool under pressure during a hurricane. According to his bio, before moving to TV weather, Stapleton worked in the mental health field assisting police departments in Maryland by providing on-site crisis intervention and training. Talk about intense.

"If you were to ask me what I wanted to do if I could do anything, it would be TV weather," Stapleton told me. "However, I also loved psychology and enjoyed working with the police doing crisis intervention but I got burned out after a while and was looking for a change.

"I didn't want to regret not taking the chance to see if I could do broadcast meteorology, so I researched around, found the program at [Mississippi State University] and was fortunate to get my first gig working while I was still finishing my classes. I still love psychology and I use it almost everyday just in a different way now with news. It's still a pretty valuable tool to know how to work with people, especially in the TV biz!"

Agreed. In my uneducated opinion, most newsrooms should come with a couch and a therapist that charges by the minute.

Stapleton starts at KPRC in early 2015. He'll have to get used to our flat landscape first.

"I'm a city kid at heart and I love the energy and diversity that a city like Houston offers," he added. "I have to say that I will miss the Oregon mountains, they're amazing!"

Before KEZI, Stapleton worked for WCBI in Columbus, Mississippi. According to his bio, Stapleton holds a Master’s degree in geosciences from Mississippi State University and the AMS Seal of Approval. He is a full member of both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association.

Now I know people are going to ask me if Stapleton is replacing Anthony Yanez who is going to KNBC LA next year. I asked KPRC this and was told no decision on Yanez's replacement has been made as of yet. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blog break time!

It's December break time. If anything really big happens, I'll be back.

But I don't really go away.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what's going on while I'm away. Like I always to, I'll still feature some news there that won't be on the blog.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Texas reporter hospitalized, a sign for KPRC plus more

- KHOU anchors break out in song
- Dog Jumps Into Miami Meteorologist’s Weathercast
- Jaime is part of our talented team at FOX 7 News in Austin
- ‘Saturday Night Live’ Makes Fun of St. Louis Morning Newscasts

Condition upgraded for WBAP/KLIF reporter hurt in head-on crash
A WBAP/KLIF news reporter is hospitalized after a head-on collision in Wise County near the town of Boyd. Alan Scaia, 30, was one of three people sent to hospitals from the scene of the crash at FM 51 at FM 2048 about thirty miles northwest of Ft. Worth.
- WBAP reporter, two others injured in crash in Wise County

Katy Blakey is NBC5's new weekend morning news anchor
NBC5 KXAS announced the hiring of Katy Blakey as its new weekend morning anchor. She arrives from Oklahoma City’s ABC affiliate, KOCO-TV.

Meagan Harris Named News Director at WTLV-WJXX
WTLV-WJXX has named WFAA dayside executive producer Meagan Harris news director of the Jacksonville ABC and NBC affiliate.

Hot 93.3 Dallas Flips To Urban
It won’t be a Classic Hip-Hop Holiday for “Hot 93.3” KLIF-FM Haltom City/Dallas after all.

Dallas News Unveils 3rd Luxury Magazine
FD, the award-winning fashion, design and lifestyle magazine of The Dallas Morning News, today announced the launch of FD House, a quarterly magazine covering home design, furnishings, exteriors and luxurious living in North Texas. The first edition will hit newsstands, retailers and showrooms in March 2015, with an anticipated circulation of more than 40,000.

Morning News Unveils Engagement Programs
The Dallas Morning News has announced two initiatives — new digital tools to empower community residents to create content and connect over issues and media training for Hispanic parents so they can help inform their communities about early childhood education programs — to help propel audience engagement

Dallas: Holiday retail is booming on TV
Total spending is up this year, driven by political dollars

Isiah Carey's Mission: Covering The People
The KRIV Houston reporter is making a name for himself with solid investigative reporting. But he also doesn’t overlook the fact that his work can have real consequences on the people in his stories. “You have to realize these are people,” Carey says, adding that he weighs every aspect of a story because even a piece “about a bad guy affects families. I try to be that way. Because once you lose that, I think you’ve lost yourself.”

KPRC 2 gets a new sign
Ch-ch-ch-changes... Goodbye Post-Newsweek Stations, Hello Graham Media Group (same company, new name)!

University denies KTRK abc13 report
Washington State officials flatly denied a report by a Houston television station that football coach Mike Leach is interested in the vacant coaching position at the University of Houston.

New Clocks For News 88.7 KUHF
Morning Edition will include more of the features the community has asked for. We are adjusting our “clock”, or how we time the delivery of the news. This will bring you more local newscasts, in-depth stories, Engines of Our Ingenuity, and the Marketplace Morning Report.

Atom Smasher Morning Show to be living inside Gallery Furniture
The Mix 96.5 Atom Smasher Morning Show featuring; Atom Smasher and Shawnda McNeal will be BROADCASTING and LIVING inside of Gallery Furniture on I-45 North from December 8th-December 12th until enough money is raised for Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation! Tune into Mix 96.5 from 5am-9am to hear the broadcast live and stay tuned all day for live updates from Atom and Shawnda! For more information and to make donations listeners will be directed to our website.

The Chronicle will leave downtown. Let us grieve.
When the delegates to the 1928 Democratic National Convention selected Gov. Al Smith of New York as their presidential nominee, the Houston Chronicle's political writers didn't have to go far to get the story. They could simply grab their notebooks and follow the smell of cigar smoke to the nearby Sam Houston Hall, where the convention was underway.

Telemundo launches new multicast network Telexitos
TeleXitos Offers Exciting New Viewing Experience with a Mix of Popular Action Adventure Television Series and Feature Films in Spanish

When the KENS Color the Weather Contest was the Greatest Thing Ever
If you say "color the weather" to people of a certain age who grew up in San Antonio, it's likely you'll be met with a blank expression that instantly transforms into a beaming smile of recognition. For the younger readers out there, Color the Weather was contest from San Antonio's CBS affiliate KENS-5 and McDonald's.

WOAI Elf Louise Radiothon Raises $291.430

ESPN San Antonio Comes To FM
Alpha Media Sports “ESPN San Antonio” 1250 KZDC San Antonio has launched an FM translator.

KXAN, KVUE are top-rated stations in November
The battle between KVUE and KXAN for TV ratings dominance continued in November, with both stations notching first-place wins.


Dallas Morning Radio Legend And Country DJ Hall Of Famer Terry Dorsey To Retire
Longtime CUMULUS Country KSCS/DALLAS-FT. WORTH morning host TERRY DORSEY will retire after more than 40 years in radio.

After CSN Houston went away, reporter Howard Chen has joined SportsRadio 610 KILT.

Zoe Bonet joins Houston Public Media as an announcer/host. Previously she was the 17 year host of Sunny 99.1's (KODA) Love Songs show.

Galen Ettlin has joined KRHD ABC40 in Bryan/College Station, Texas as a reporter.


R.I.P.: San Antonio Indie DJ Jason Gonzales
Local indie DJ, sometime musician, visual artist and former KSYM 90.1 FM radio personality Jason R. Gonzales, known to his fans as DJ Shabbytiger, died unexpectedly.

- KPRC claims #1 spot in November 2014 sweeps
- Univision 45 KXLN's November 2014 sweeps victories
- "Exposure with David Sadof" revived online
- KTRK abc13 hires two assistant news directors & more

Friday, December 05, 2014

KTRK abc13 hires two assistant news directors & more

KTRK abc13 hires new managers with new titles

KTRK abc13 is filling back up its management ranks after a tumultuous few months, but the Disney/ABC Television Group is thinking a bit outside the box with its new troops.

Last summer, this blog was sending out breaking news alerts left and right when news director Dave Strickland resigned, executive producer Jerry Vazquez left for the KTMD news director chair and assistant news director and former reporter Don Kobos retired.

In the last five months, the station took its time re-hiring and also re-thought the job titles.

Digital, digital, digital. That's the buzzword in broadcasting now, and with an eye on the future, KTRK has promoted longtime managing editor Chris Hanson to be the new Assistant News Director of Digital. News director Wendy Granato said in a staff email obtained by mikemcguff.com, Hanson will keep working on the broadcast side, but will mainly oversee the digital operations.

The new Assistant News Director for Broadcast will be Rehan Aslam who recently left Fox owned WFLD Chicago where he served as an executive producer. According to TVSpy, Aslam was originally hired at Fox Chicago as producer of “Good Day Chicago” in 2005. In 2012, he was named EP of the late news. Longtime Houston TV insiders will recognize Aslam's WFLD news director is former KTRK ND Tom Doerr.

The new Nightside Executive Producer is former KTRK producer Rick Bagley. Bagley joins from Fort Smith/Fayetteville, Arkansas' KFSM where he was news director. Before that he was ND at KDBC El Paso.

I'll play TV prognasticator for a minute. My prediciton is after it was announced ABC News pretty boy (why did my keyboard type that?) anchor David Muir is doing a one-minute Facebook only newscast, KTRK will follow.

And while I'm riffing on the digital future, what will replace the failed Live Well network? The plug is about to be pulled and I haven't seen an announcement on what's coming next.

So speaking of digital, why not put a local 24-hour KTRK news channel on 13.2? That's my vote. Slimmed down TV news staffs across the country are turning out loads of newscasts. I'll pretend I'm from corporate and say why can't they just do a little more? These 24 hour local CNN's might be the future for .2 channels all over! I should be a TV consultant with this stuff. Look at your watch, and I'll tell you what time it is. Now pay me!

If I'm correct on all of these predictions, I'll be linking back to this in a boastful manner, if not, you'll never see this post again!

"Exposure with David Sadof" revived online

The former 101 KLOL show "Exposure with David Sadof" finds new home on the web with an alternative spirit

If you were in early 1990s Houston, then you might know "Exposure with David Sadof" on 101 KLOL was the spot on the radio dial to be exposed to the new wave of alternative music on the horizon. Ironically, many of the bands this alternative tastemaker played on his specialty show would eventually overtake some songs on the rest of the rock station.

Count me in as one of those devoted Sunday night listeners. On this blog in 2007, I called Sadof "one of Houston's last true radio DJs."

Now in the Internet era, "Exposure with David Sadof" is back and debuts online today.

"Listeners of my past radio shows have been asking me to build my own digital radio station for years," Sadof told mikemcguff.com on the eve of the online station's debut.

Once again, count me in as one of those listeners. I've been sampling the station this morning and find it is what Sadof fans will want! It's everything from classic alternative to current - from The Replacements to Parquet Courts.

David Sadof & Tori Amos
David Sadof & Tori Amos
The alt radio show had several FM homes after KLOL. Sadof, who had served as the KLOL music director, eventually left with the station's general manager, Pat Fant, and helped start 107.5 The Buzz (which today is at 94.5). At this point in the mid-1990s, Exposure became "Lunar Rotation." Later in in 2000s, Sadof teamed back up with Fant at 97.5 KFNC and launched "High Fidelity."

Back in the day, I would stay up late to tune into Sadof's weekend show on KLOL (and the other stations to follow) to hear the likes of Nirvana, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Smashing Pumpkins before they were radio darlings. While mainstream bands now, back then they were in the fringe on a Lollapalooza concert goers t-shirt. In fact, Sadof got one of the earliest recorded interviews with Pearl Jam before they were one of the world's largest bands.

"We sat down and just had a lengthy discussion about the album and even afterwards we went over to Butera's to have lunch, which was kind of funny to me," Sadof explained to me for my upcoming Rock 101 KLOL documentary. "Because two months later they had a video on MTV and they'd become so popular that couldn't have happened. They would have been mobbed. We just walked in, and you know, no one knew who they were."

But Sadof, who you couldn't beat in a game of musical trivia, played way more than the alternative platinum crowd. Houston alt lovers knew they were going deep into the genre too.

"They knew they were gonna hear things they didn't hear otherwise [on the station]," Sadof told me. "They'd hear The Jesus and Mary Chain. And they can hear Sisters of Mercy. And they can find out about bands they've never even heard of before. Bands like Fetchin Bones, or The Reivers, or you know, just really obscure bands.

"Some of the bands went on to become well-known, and others didn't. But that was really never the point of what I was doing. I really didn't care so much if something I played ended up on the station or didn't. That was never really the goal. You know, if it happened, that was fine."

That same spirit lives on today with Sadof online. It's especially great when "classic alternative" bands can't be found anywhere on the dial outside of "SiriusXM's 1st Wave," - and with this we get a mix of old and new!

Mostly music right now, Sadof tells me he will start giving information on the bands he's playing which fans have come to expect.

So don't blame me if you find your days slipping past you from listening to Sadof's alt music online world, blame him!

You can listen on the web at

You can listen on the TuneIn website at
http://tunein.com/radio/Exposure-with-David-Sadof-s237129 and on the TuneIn app for iPhone and Android.

You can listen on the Radionomy website at
and on the Radionomy app for iPhone and Android.

The Facebook page is facebook.com/exposurewithdavidsadof

The Twitter account is twitter.com/DavidSadof

Instagram is instagram.com/exposurewithdavidsadof

- David Sadof talks to the Mike McGuff Blog
- David Sadof joins Third Rock radio at NASA.gov

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Univision 45 KXLN's November 2014 sweeps victories

Univision ranked as the No. 1 station in Primetime among Adults 18-49 in Houston

Univision 45 KXLN is very happy with its performance during the November 2014 television sweeps period.

Univision says its Houston station ranked as the number one station in prime time among Adults 18-49 in Houston. That puts the station ahead of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Univision stations in Houston were also number one in Total Day viewing, delivered the number one early local newscast and the number one late local newscast among Adults 18-49.

Here is how KXLN 45 compared in Houston with households and the age 25-54 key advertising demographic for November 2014 sweeps.

 photo KXLN_Nov2014sweeps_zpsc30a3df0.jpg

Univision didn't just dominate in Houston.

Univision Communications Inc. announced that its stations in Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas ranked No. 1 ahead of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC among Adults 18-49 in primetime during the November sweep. In Miami and Houston, Univision ranked as No. 1 broadcast stations during primetime among Total Viewers 2+.

During the November sweep, Univision stations in Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas delivered both the No.1 early local newscast and the No. 1 late local newscast among Adults 18 – 49. KMEX Univision 34 in Los Angeles had the No. 1 most watched early local newscast in the country among Adults 18-49 regardless of language.

“The fact that our local stations ranked No. 1 during the November sweep in key markets like Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas validates our strong position in the industry and our continued delivery of top notch, culturally-relevant content that our viewers crave,” said Kevin Cuddihy, president of Local Media, Univision Communications Inc.

Additional Local Market Highlights:


During the November 2014 sweep period, Univision was the No. 1 broadcast station in primetime among:
· Total Viewers 2+ in Miami and Houston
· Adults 18-49 in Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas
· Adults 18-34 in Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas

Univision was the No. 2 broadcast station in primetime among:
· Adults 18-49 in Miami
· Adults 18-34 in Miami and Phoenix

Total Day

During the November 2014 sweep period, Univision was the No. 1 broadcast station in Total Day viewing (Monday-Sunday 6 a.m.-2 a.m.) among:
· Adults 18-49 in Los Angeles and Houston
· Adults 18-34 in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Phoenix

Univision was the No. 2 broadcast station in Total Day viewing (Monday-Sunday 6 a.m.-2 a.m.) among:
· Total Viewers 2+ in Miami
· Adults 18-49 in Dallas
· Adults 18-34 in New York and Miami

Early Local News

KMEX Univision 34 in Los Angeles had the No. 1 most watched early local newscast in the country among Adults 18-49.

Univision stations delivered the No. 1 early local newscast among
· Adults 18-49 in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Phoenix
· Adults 25-54 in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco and Phoenix

Univision stations also ranked No.2 in early local news among:
· Adults 18-49 in New York, Miami, San Francisco and Sacramento
· Adults 25-54 in New York, Miami, Chicago and Sacramento

Late Local News

Univision stations delivered the No. 1 late local newscast among:
· Adults 18-49 in Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas
· Adults 25-54 in Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas

Univision stations also ranked No.2 in late local news among:
· Adults 18-49 in New York, Miami and Phoenix
· Adults 25-54 in Miami

Source: Nielsen, NSI, Nov14 (10/30/14-11/26/14). Early local news is defined as a local newscasts with 6 p.m. ET/PT start time; 5 p.m. CT/MT start time. Late local news is defined as a local newscasts with 10/11 p.m. ET/PT start time; 9/10 p.m. CT/MT. Includes regular newscasts only. Primetime is defined as ABC/CBS/NBC/IND/UNI/UMA/TEL/AZA/MFZ/ETV Mon-Sat 8-11 p.m./Sun 7-11 p.m. ET/PT (Mon-Sat 7-10 p.m./Sun 6-10 p.m. CT/MT) and FOX/CW Mon-Sat 8-10 p.m./Sun 7-10 p.m. ET/PT (Mon-Sat 7-9 p.m./Sun 6-9 p.m. CT/MT). Total day defined as Mon-Sun 6 a.m.-2 a.m. Rankings based on average impressions. Most watched station in the country based on average impressions across all LPM markets. Live+SD.

Monday, December 01, 2014

KPRC claims #1 spot in November 2014 sweeps

KPRC LOCAL 2 NEWS IS #1 IN NOVEMBER - Station Sweeps Key Demo for Major Newscasts in Houston

KPRC Local 2 News continued its ratings momentum with another strong book earning wins in mornings, evenings and late news, including the three biggest newscasts for the Nielsen November measurement period.

In Adults 25-54, Monday-Friday 6:00am ratings, KPRC Local 2 took the top spot:

KPRC 2.3
KTRK 2.0
KRIV 1.3
KHOU 1.2

In Adults 25-54, Monday-Friday 6:00pm ratings, KPRC Local 2 was first again:

KPRC 2.3
KTRK 2.0
KHOU 1.2

And at 10:00pm, Local 2 News was #1 in the five and seven day ratings despite KTRK getting more than a full rating point advantage from their weekday 9p ABC lead-in. The ratings for Monday-Sunday were:

KPRC 2.7
KTRK 2.6
KHOU 1.7

“The numbers show viewers are making a point to switch over to us and that’s the sign producing great newscasts on a consistent basis,” said KPRC VP/General Manager, Jerry Martin “I’m proud of the entire KPRC team for this great accomplishment they have earned by working hard every day and proud to know that Houston has made us their trusted choice.”

Other news ratings highlights for A25-54 include:
Local 2 News Today at 5:00am tied for #1
Local 2 News Today at 5:30am is #1
Local 2 News at 11:00am is up 14% Year-to-Year
Dr. Phil is #1 at 3:00pm, beating Ellen by 50%
NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams is #1, up 12% Year-to-Year
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is #1, beating Kimmel and Letterman combined
Saturday Night Live dominates with a 3.4 rating, up 31% Year-to-Year
Sunday Night Football is the #1 show in Primetime television

All ratings are based on Nielsen Live + SD English only overnights for the measurement period of October 30th, 2014 through November 26th, 2014.

(This post was taken from a press release sent to me by KPRC 2)

KPRC intruder, big Roula & Ryan news, Bob Boudreaux & more

Just like the moldy Thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge, here is Houston and Texas media news I've been saving during the holiday

- Houston girl is YouTube star
- James Harden and Orbit star in latest SportsCenter promo
- Whiplash Camera News Blooper
- T-Day Gobble gets the best of KENS reporter
- Rare 1952 KRLD radio show featuring country-music guitar hero Leon Rhodes
- Taco trouble: KENS 5 morning team likes to play with their food
- SA traffic anchor does stand up
- Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin Reunion - 1976 MDA Telethon

Gannett8 paces November "sweeps" newscast ratings
Gannett8 WFAA doubled its November “sweeps” wins from a year ago, repeating as D-FW’s 10 p.m. champ in both major newscast ratings measurements while adding 5 and 6 p.m. firsts in the key 25-to-54-year-old advertiser demographic.

CBS11 re-stocks newsroom with new reporters Gabriel Roxas, Jeff Paul
D-FW’s CBS11 is adding two reporters -- Gabriel Roxas and Jeff Paul -- to its news staff.

KSOC Changes Formats
Dallas station is third flip to Classic Hip-Hop for Radio One

When Sweeps and Shopping Collide
Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA ran an exclusive about the second Dallas nurse to contract and survive Ebola.

TV-newspaper partner on investigative project
Dallas TV station KXAS (NBC5) and the Dallas Morning News teamed up to investigate complaints of harassment by hundreds of soldiers at the Army’s Warrior Transition Units (WTU’s) that were designed to help the injured heal.

Black Tie Dinner recap: Hansen kills it
Although he was listed merely as making a “special appearance,” WFAA sports anchor Dale Hansen ended up delivering what many present felt was one of the best addresses to a Black Tie audience in memory.

Man taken into custody for trespassing at KPRC 2
It happened around 3:00am in the morning at the KPRC studios located in southwest Houston.

Research Director, Inc. Presents Exclusive Nov. PPM Analysis: Houston
- D-FW sports radio ratings: For first time, KRLD's The Fan takes top spot from The Ticket among all listeners
- #6 Houston-Galveston TX

KTRK abc13 60 years of being on the air in Houston
The station went live at 8:30pm on November 20, 1954 from the University of Houston campus.

Former Houston TV anchor a stage star in Prague
Former KTRK Channel 13 weekend anchor Bob Boudreaux is working as an actor, mostly Shakespeare, in Prague, the Czech Republic.

KTRK Sports Reporter Recounts 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Near Drowning
KTRK sports reporter David Nuno says “I thought I failed as a parent” when he remembers the day last summer when his three-year-old daughter nearly drowned.

Looking back at KLOL a decade after its demise
Ten years ago Houston lost one of its last great rock stations in Rock 101 KLOL. On November 12, 2004 the Clear Channel station went from hard rock to Spanish-language reggaeton with the flip of switch.

Roula & Ryan Get A New Deal At KRBE
CUMULUS Top 40 KRBE/HOUSTON has re-signed its long-running morning show, THE ROULA & RYAN SHOW.
- KRBE's Roula Christie's A Mom Again!
- Roula's Baby Shower at 104.1 KRBE

Vikki "Taylor" Rosenkranz Fundraiser
Former abc 13 KTRK fill-in traffic anchor Vikki "Taylor" has cancer and the treatments are not covered by her insurance. Friends have set up a gofundme account.

KCOH Radio Undergoing A Major Internal Face lift
Over the last few weeks, rumors have circulated about a possible "transition" of the day-to-day operations of one of Houston’s most iconic urban radio stations - KCOH Radio. The Houston Forward Times (HFT) has been able to confirm that these rumors appear to be true; however, final details of the "transition" have not yet been released by all parties involved.

Sunny 99.1 goes all Christmas
Sunny 99.1 KODA Houston is all Christmas for 2014. People always bet on when this will happen.

The View from Writers Roost
Since I spent more than half my 70-plus years in the Texas Gulf Coast area, in or near Houston, I maintain my readership in the Houston Chronicle.

WOAI now No. 2 in key S.A.news races
Longtime basement dweller WOAI-TV's news teams are celebrating their strongest ratings performance in years after ascending to No. 2 for three local newscasts.

WOAI’s Evy Ramos Shares Her Adoption Story
Evy Ramos, an evening anchor at San Antonio NBC affiliate WOAI, shared her personal adoption story on yesterday’s episode of “San Antonio Living.”

KENS-TV personality expecting child
San Antonio’s sole $1 million “Survivor” winner, who’s currently a “Great Day SA” personality on KENS-TV , definitely will be putting those survivalist skills to use at home. She’s pregnant with her second child.

The ‘Truth and Transparency’ of Former TV Anchor Sylvia Rincon
Sylvia Rincon, the former TV reporter and anchor, for five years, talks new passion.

Court Sides With Personalities Over Non-Compete
Two staffers fired in 2010 by Malkan Broadcasting have won their lawsuit against their former employer.


Reporter Justin Hinton leaves KFDM Beaumont for WLOS Asheville, NC.

Kasi Stunson is leaving KPRC 2 after more than 4 years.

Noreen Jaramillo Leaving KTSM
Morning anchor Noreen Jaramillo has decided to leave KTSM, the El Paso, Texas, NBC affiliate.

- JP Pritchard joins Sam Malone on 1070 KNTH mornings
- Courtney Zavala to leave KPRC 2 and TV
- Craig Hlavaty is biggest media turkey 2014
- Root Sports replaces CSN Houston
- Greg Thunder gone from New Bull @ 100.3 KILT
- Houston talk hosts invade Dallas' Talk Radio 1190

Friday, November 28, 2014

Working off the post Thanksgiving food hangover #21DaysForGood

Unbuckle your belt and watch some of these videos to help get the weight off

Lily Jang
Lily Jang

Congrats to KHOU morning anchor Lily Jang who won the Snap Kitchen #21DaysForGood challenge we were recently participating in.

So far, I am down 12 pounds thanks to the challenge. Let's see if I can maintain that with the holidays in full swing.

Here are two videos I produced during the challenge you might want to watch now. Both offer tips on weight loss.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FOX 26 KRIV & FOX 7 KTBC November sweeps 2014

November 2014 TV news sweeps results for FOX 26 KRIV Houston & FOX 7 KTBC Austin

November sweeps 2014 are done. Get 'em out of the oven and serve the ratings results. FOX Television Stations is already celebrating at FOX 26 KRIV Houston and FOX 7 KTBC Austin:

FOX26 AM News at 8a increased its performance by 50% among
Adults 25-54 and FOX26 AM News 7-9a increased 50% among
Adults 18-49 in November 2014.

FOX26 AM News at 7-9a Ranks #1 in Adults 18-49
FOX26 AM News at 8a Ranks #2 in Adults 25-54

In November 2014 FOX26 AM News at 8a delivered a 1.2 rating in A25-54 (32,269 viewers)
and FOX26 AM News at 7-9am delivered a 1.2 rating in A18-49 (35,000 viewers).

· Among Adults 25-54 FOX 26 News at 8a (1.2) increased +50% from last Nov13, while KTRK’s Good Morning America, KPRC’s Today Show and KHOU’s CBS This Morning experienced year-to-year declines.

Among Adults 18-49 FOX 26 News at 7-9a (1.2) increased +50% from last Nov13. KTRK’s Good
Morning America, KPRC’s Today Show, and KHOU’s CBS This Morning experienced year-to-year declines.


NOV’14 Highlights-KTBC FOX 7 Austin HH RTG/SHR (26 days)


FOX 7’s “Good Day Austin” increased its performance over last November in every hour from 430A-10A

430A-5A: HH rtgs grew +80% from a .5 to a .9. HH shr grew +129% delivering an 8.7 shr vs. NOV’13 3.8.
5A-6A: HH rtgs grew +63% from a .8 to 1.3. HH shr grew +100% delivering a 10.0 over NOV’13 5.0. KTBC grew more than any station in the market at 5AM. Ranking moved from #3 to #2.
6A-7A: HH rtgs grew +47% from a 1.7 to a 2.5. HH shr grew +61% delivering a 11.6 over NOV’13 7.2. KTBC grew more than any station in the market at 6AM.
7A-8A: HH rtgs grew +24% from a 2.1 to a 2.6. HH shr grew +42% delivering a 10.5 compared to NOV’13 7.4. KTBC grew more than any station in the market at 7AM.
8A-9A: The 8:00 hour grew + 22% in HH rtgs from a 1.8 to a 2.2. HH shr is +38% year-to-year, increasing from a 6.5 to a 9.0. KTBC grew more than any station in the market at 8AM.
9A-10A: HH rtgs grew +29% from a 1.4 to a 1.8. HH Shr is up +41% with a 7.6 over the NOV’13 5.4 delivery. KTBC grew more than any station in the market at 9AM.


Sat 6-7A Good Day Saturday Rtgs improved share over last November going from a .7 to a 1.2. HH share was up +105% delivering a 8.4 compared to the 4.1 in Nov’13 (first book).
Sat 7-8A Good Day Saturday is also trending up year-to year growing + 56% in rtgs and +81% in share over last November (.9 / 3.6 to a 1.4 / 6.5).
Sun 6-7A Good Day Sunday also outdelivered its premiere book last November, growing +40% in rtgs and +73% in Share (.5 / 3.0 to a .7 / 5.2)
Sun 7-8A Good Day Sunday is up +60% in rtg and +68% in share delivering a 1.6 / 6.7 compared to last year’s 1.0 / 4.0.


Every hour of daytime is up over NOV’13

10A-11A: Wendy Williams’ ratings grew +86% and the share grew over the NOV’13 performance by +128%. The program delivered a solid 1.3 / 5.7 compared to last year’s .7 / 2.5.
11A-12N: The Real had a great 1st book, improving the time period +125% in rtg and +138% in shr with a .9 / 3.8 over last year’s .4 / 1.6.
12N-1230P: Noon News More success in news with the FOX 7’s midday news growing +100% in rtgs and +100% in shares from a .9 / 3.4 last year to a 1.8 / 6.8 this November! KTBC grew more than any station in the market in midday news. Ranking grew from #3 to tied for #1.
1230P-1P: Dish Nation grew +200% in shares and +213% in shr over last November delivering a solid 1.2 / 4.7 from NOV’13 .4 / 1.5. Ranking grew from #4 to #2.
1P-2P Divorce Court – up +29% in rtgs and +50% in shr from a .7 / 2.4 to a .9 / 3.6.
2P-3P TMZ Live – HH rtg grew +83% and HH Shr grew 105% from a .6 / 2.1 to a 1.1 / 4.3. Ranking grew from #4 to #2.


4P-5P Judge Judy grew the time period with a +50% in rtg and +63% over last year (Dr. Oz). HH rtg and share increased from a 1.2 / 3.2 to a 1.8 / 5.2.


630P-7P - BIG BANG THEORY is #2 in the time period in households. BBT HH rtg grew +20% and share grew +24% over NOV’13, delivering a 4.2 / 8.7 compared to the NOV’13 3.5 / 7.0 performance. Ranking grew from #3 to #2. BBT on KTBC was the only program in the time period to grow share!


M-F 9P-10P FOX 7 News at Nine grew +8% over the May performance. The share is up +8% compared to May’14 (2.9 / 5.3 to a 2.9 / 5.7). Although KTBC’s rtg is the same year to year, KEYE dropped so our ranking grew from #4 to #3 vs. 10P News on the competition.
Sun 9P-10P FOX 7 News at Nine grew +14% in rtg and +18% in share over last November. The hour delivered a 2.5 / 4.5 compared to last year’s 2.2 / 3.8. The competition lost share in their Sun 10P.


1030P-11P BIG BANG THEORY grew the time period in late fringe as well. The 1030P telecast was up + 36% in rtg and +44% in share over the time period last year (Simpsons). The rtg/shr grew from a 1.4 / 3.6 to a 1.9 / 5.2.
1130P-12M Simpsons grew +13% in rtg and +32% in share increasing from a .8 / 2.8 last November to a .9 / 3.7 in NOV’14.