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Monday, January 09, 2023

Adam Krueger takes TikTok by storm and now its spreading

Adam Krueger is taking TikTok by storm (get it...he's a meteorologist) with his CW39 KIAH Houston's "NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC" morning weather forecasts.

Krueger takes song requests from his followers and slips lyrics into his on-air weather forecasts. The practice has earned him millions of views. 

Recently he's worked in song lyrics from DMX, The Weeknd, Tupac, Will Smith, Drake, Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift next to topics I would guess range from adiabatic cooling to zonal flows.

In fact, the trend has even spread to KSAT 12 San Antonio Sarah Spivey's weather forecasts.

"The challenge that I put on myself is to sneak it in there, where if you were watching for the most part, you probably wouldn't even notice that I'm referencing something unless you know that I'm trying," Krueger told Trending News Reporter Ariana Garcia.  "I even have people saying they look forward to this every single day or this is one of their favorite things on TikTok and they can't wait to see what the next one is. So I'm trying to make those people happy too." 

I'm officially too old to be on TikTok, so soon I will have to stop writing this blog.  How will I cover local Texas news if I'm not on TikTok?  It's the latest thing the big TV companies are chasing for the younger crowd.

"This is the end / Beautiful friend / This is the end / My only friend, the end."  This is me working song lyrics into this very posts. 

True story...years ago I worked Pearl Jam lyrics into a blog post and got a very mean phone call from someone in the media.  Was it related? 

And here I thought the Houston TV TikTok war would be between FOX 26 newcomer Caroline Collins and KPRC 2 morning anchor Owen Conflenti.  Add Krueger in too (and more anchors on the way I'm sure before the Feds and states reach their apparent goal of killing the social media company). 

Krueger took over at CW39 Houston for Maria Sotolongo back in 2020.

Andy “Riggs” Riggle and Erica Rico of the 93QMorning Show KKBQ Houston interview Krueger below about how many Houston TikTok followers he has. Katelyn Maida is on maternity leave.

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