Friday, December 07, 2012

Walton and Johnson off 93.7 The Arrow KKRW

UPDATE 3/4/2013
J.C. Corcoran, 93.7 The Arrow's new morning man

Wouldn't you know the one day I am shooting an interview for my Rock 101 KLOL documentary, with no internet access, that's the day one of the station's former morning shows makes news.

It's the Radio Gawds, not that duo, the other one, Walton and Johnson.

It appears W&J, and the associated cast of characters, are no longer on the air in Houston at 93.7 KKRW The Arrow. I started getting concerned emails from the show's fans early this morning.

Luckily Craig Hlavaty of The Houston Press saw my tweet about it and got on the case. He found out, and I've also heard the same from others, that Walton and Johnson are gone, longtime Houston rocker Steve Fixx takes their slot and the night guy, the legendary Colonel St. James, moves to Fixx's afternoon slot. So you see KLOL still lives on since all of these guys are former Rock 101 jocks.

The W&J guys also gave a rambling left wing blame statement to Craig.

After you reading this blog, you have followed W&J from their time at mornings on 950 KPRC Radio Mojo to 93.7 The Arrow.

Walton and Johnson gave a much longer response about that move and other things to David Barron of the Houston Chronicle:

We were never allowed to air our actual show (that other markets were having record success with) and even then we roundly vanquished the Cox station head to head direct competition for about two years solid even though they spent a couple million dollars in TV ads and promotion while CC spent not one dime in defense. Cox did not start winning some measurement periods until they discovered the wonderful wrinkle in Arbitron’s PPL technology of putting duplicate programming on two stations and having it measured and reported as one. Admittedly a brilliant strategy if you have an extra station to give up. READ THE REST

To put this on a national persepctive, Walton and Johnson are not the only ones out on the street this holiday season. Clear Channel has done nationwide layoffs this time throughout the years. I am hearing other Clear Channel Houston employees have been let go too. All Access is keeping a running tab of cut victims across the US. We learn there that W&J producer Josh Reno is gone too.

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