Wednesday, February 18, 2009

950 KPRC gets Chris Baker back, Walton and Johnson to 93.7 The Arrow KKRW

Clear Channel Houston has a big announcement with this press release:

KPRC-AM Announces Chris Baker to Follow Joe 'Pags' Pagliarulo Starting March 2nd

Houston, Texas , February 17, 2009 –Beginning Monday, March 2nd, Houstonians will get an ever better cup of 9-5-0 Radio Mojo when Chris Baker returns to the airwaves on his hometown station KPRC-AM announced Eddie Martiny, President and Market Manager for Clear Channel Radio Houston. The Chris Baker show will air live from 3-5pm daily, while award winning Joe 'Pags' Pagliarulo will move to mornings to host "your Morning Cup of Joe" from 6-9am.

"Chris has a lot of fans in Houston, and he's incredibly talented. We are excited to bring him back to Houston, back to the same station and time slot in which he began on-air over eight years ago," said Michael Berry, Operations Director for Clear Channel Radio Houston's AM stations. "With Walton & Johnson moving up the dial to the Arrow, 93.7 FM, the morning show slot opened on The 9-5-0. 'Pags' was the perfect choice for the mornings. If 'Pags' can appear on Fox News Channel, CNN, Headline News, CNBC and fill in for Glen Beck, we know he will be the perfect cup-of morning Joe for Houston." added Berry.

Joe 'Pags has been honored with multiple AP and broadcast association awards of excellence, and has been ranked among the most influential talk show hosts in America. Chris Baker is a stand-up comic who has been making Houstonians laugh for years, but he also makes them think. Houston loves his brand of talk and humor, and Clear Channel is looking forward to his listeners responding to his message.

The new KPRC-AM 9-5-0 Radio Mojo line up will be:

Morning Cup of Joe with Joe 'Pags' Pagliarulo 6-9am

Michael Garfield 9a-11a

Outlaw Dave 11a-1p

Dave Ramsey Show 1p-3p

The Chris Baker Show 3-5pm

The Michael Savage Show 5-8pm

KPRC-AM is the first radio station in Texas, originally broadcasting in 1925. KPRC-AM's legendary TalkRadio format transitioned to "guytalk" in July of 2007. With the exciting move of 'Pags' to the mornings and the addition of Baker and the station will retain the popular Radio Mojo format.

- Babe Pages/MOJO experiment fails; Chris Baker back to KPRC
- Clear Channel rocks Houston line-up


  1. Baker is back. he was pretty funny back in the day. Don't know much about this Pags dude. And good for Garf. Probably one of the nicer guys in media from listening to his shows over the years.

    Never a big W&J fan here.

  2. Hate hate hate Chris Faker- A douche bag. A whiny opinionated sub-par broadcaster with no substance. Another reason why 950 will NEVER have a preset on my radio.

  3. ** With the exciting move of 'Pags' to the mornings and the addition of Baker and the station will retain the popular Radio Mojo format. **

    Ha, that's funny.

    If you look at the original MOJO lineup and the one in this announcement, they are radically different.

    CC's big Babe Pages/MOJO experiment with a once-great station was a disaster. This revamp is just more confirmation.

    I'm glad to see Chris coming back as he's a friend and a proven ratings leader, but CC has so damaged that station that I wonder if it isn't too late. They should probably just sell the thing at this point and let someone give it a fresh start.

    I like the local emphasis, although having San Antonio talker Joe Pags on in the morning is depressing. Is there no local personality to occupy such an important slot in Houston, TX (a bigger media market than SA)? Sad.

  4. I look forward to "Garf" coming on after Pags and talking about Speed Racer and Tweeter for 2 hours minus his ads. I can just see him running around the studio during breaks dancing the safety Dance and playing WII at the same time.

  5. Nothing against him, but I think once a week for the High Tech Texan is enough.

  6. Saw or heard somewhere this morning that Garf is not doing high-tech stuff on weekdays. Just doing that on his Sat show.

    Actually, his Sat show doesn't even cover a lot of tech stuff. He's all over the place with topics but funny and topical. I'll tune in and see. Nothing else going on at work that early for me.

  7. If Baker keeps Cynthia Hunt away, I may give him another chance.

    Garfield seems like a nice enough guy, but his show is nothing but converter boxes, ATandT products, and iPhone. Almost like it's an infomercial. While it's not perfect, I'd rather have Leo Laporte's show.

    I hope this doesn't have a bad impact on Outlaw Dave's show. I enjoy his weekday show, but can't stand his Saturday show outside of Pruett's weekly phone call. It's supposed to be a charity and local band spotlight (awesome) but it's nothing but his white trash friends getting wasted.

  8. I cannot tell you how much I despise what Michael Berry has done to KPRC and KTRH. He should stick with politics and real estate and maybe invest in an Indian restaurant since he's always droning on about Indian food and his Indian wife. He's lousy in the radio business. The sacking of Chris Baker after moving him to KTRH and the whole "Radio Mojo" thing was a fiasco. The original Chris Baker Show on KPRC was great, then it morphed into mostly political talk once it went to KTRH.

    Pags is B-O-R-I-N-G and he is not local. Chris belongs in the 6-9 am morning slot. 3-5 is dead air because most of us are at work. Once Savage is on nothing competes after 5.

    Glad to hear Walton & Johnson are being moved. Those two morons and the person responsible for putting them there sullied a once-great station. It's no coincidence that listeners abandoned that station in droves for KSEV.

  9. WOW Lou, you are like a ray of sunshine. hahaha

    Is there anyone you DO like?

  10. Ugh. I now remember why I turned to Dean & Rog when I had the option for Walton & Johnson. I can't stand them.

    KKRW has lost me as a morning show listener, guess I'll head over to 107.5 with Scott Sparks and Suzi Hanks until D&R show up on June 1st.

  11. Just DO NOT move Michael Savage. He is a sane, albeit sometimes caustic, voice among a world that has lost its soul.

  12. So glad you are back Chris!

  13. Hey, I'm a big fan of comedy and silliness, but I agree with what Kevin Whited (above) says about Clear Channel's format change for KPRC a while back. This "Radio Mojo" nonsense was a complete embarrassment from the very beginning. Apparently CC's motto is "if it ain't broke, BREAK it!" Well, at least CC did ONE thing right recently--they got Chris Baker back on the air in Houston! Ya-hoo Chris! I wonder if he'll do an hour of "Reverse Trivia" on Fridays again, as in the good old days? That would rock!

  14. Michael Berry does not know how to manage radio station, why has he not been fired?

    I would like to have news and traffic back on KTRH in the afternoon!

  15. So disappointed when I didnt have W&J to listen to but then I found them. Not the same with having all the music but at least I found them. I miss W&J on The 950.

  16. Joe Pags is good when he's on topics like local business/industry. Their competition on am 700 only is worth listening to when on a state or local level topic (and not just playing slip of the tongue misstatements by politicians). Baker is better than Hannity on am700 as Hannity rehashes what you already know or just meaningless sound bites.

    Here is my list for car listening (usually about 1 hour total per day)
    - Joe Pags
    - Rush (maybe for about 5 minutes during lunch drive)
    - Baker
    - dead time until 6pm
    - 6pm-8pm Streettalk Live am700 - only when Jon Bott is on as it's the only place to hear investing/financial talk that actually covers corporate bonds/muni bonds/etc. The other financial talk/news shows are 100% tilted towards getting you to trade stocks/mutual funds (i.e., stock brokerages, mutual fund companies are their advertisers).

    Other times/formats
    - Music radio - no interest due to untalented musicians. Classic rock has talented musicians but has gotten old after listening to it from 1972-1990. In 1990, I switched to listening to stuff from 1980 or newer and 1959 or earlier and it was a considerable improvement. Classic rock went into the trash bin when it limited the songs to artist's Greatest Hits CD.
    - NPR is too much over produced opinion pieces pretending to be unbiased journalistic pieces. News is news and not a 5 minute vignette followed by soft liberal therapy.

  17. To Anonymous who hates Chris Baker. You sir, are an idiot. His show is both informative and entertaining.

    If you are the kind of person who would never put 950 KPRC as a preset on your radio, I doubt they will miss you! Go try and find Air Amerika!

  18. I agree with "anonymous". Baker is a douche bag! He's is an arrogant, loud mouth jerk. Because of his whiny voice, I refuse to listen to 950 any longer. It amazes me that any of you idiots can actually enjoy listening to this ridiculous fool. Typical middle aged, low self esteem jerk who tries to be a "tough guy" to impress people because in realty he's never grown up. Self centered redneck that makes me ashamed to be a Houstonian.


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