Monday, July 23, 2007

950 KPRC is getting its Mojo like Austin Powers

Like I've been mentioning lately, there are lots of changes coming to the Houston radio dial. That's a good thing, us listeners don't want it going stale.

There is currently news all over the Internet about the changes coming to Talk Radio 950 KPRC and to a lesser extent, NewsRadio 740 KTRH. Looks like the Mojo is coming to 950. Like Mike Myers said, "Yeah baby!" Owner Clear Channel has registered if you do a whois lookup.

This format sounds like the guy talk format that we all thought 1560 KILE was going to bring in. But then Ken Hoffman told me last week that it really wasn't going to be like that at the high end of the dial, at least not during his show. He's doing sports and entertainment.

Before I had this blog, I interviewed John Walton of Walton and Johnson about that show going from KLOL to 97.5 KIOL (eventually 103.7 KIOL). It looks like that Cumulus deal is done. Word on the radio message boards is that Walton and Johnson will be doing mornings over at the new KPRC. The duo are alluding to this on the radio show's web site. Former shock jock Mancow will supposedly be on Mojo 950 too.

I also hear that former TV reporter Cynthia Hunt will have a show on KPRC (not the TV station this time). She will possibly team up with Chris Baker who could be doing time on both AM stations. Based on the new format, I'm guessing Michael Savage is staying put. Maybe the new Phil Hendrie show will show up there too (again).

Michael Berry told me on this very blog he was going to shake things up on the AM dial and it looks like he is delivering. Good luck to all of those in this new format. I can't wait to hear this new station whenever it comes on the air.

blogHOUSTON discovered the new 740 KTRH schedule.

Talk Radio 950 KPRC's web site now shows the new format - The 950 AM Radio MOJO with the new schedule.

5:30-10 a.m. — Walton & Johnson
10 a.m.-Noon — Mancow
Noon-2 p.m. — Dave Ramsey
2-4 p.m. — Baker & The Hunt
(Chris Baker & Cynthia Hunt)
4-5 p.m. — Mancow Happy Hour
5-8 p.m. — Michael Savage
8-10 p.m. — Phil Hendrie
10 p.m.-Midnight — Mark Levin
Midnight-2 a.m. — Bill O’Reilly
2-4 a.m. — Jerry Doyle
4-5:30 a.m. — Glenn Beck


  1. KSEV and KILE have to be salivating over recent developments in Houston radio.

    Clear Channel will still have Rush on KTRH, but the changes on KPRC should be enough to shock their remaining conservative listeners on over to KSEV.

    Pallilo is solid, of course, on KBME during evening drive, but mornings and evening drive on KILT have really taken a hit with the reshuffling, and KBME's mornings were already tough to listen to. Granato/Zierlein should do well in the mornings when they launch.

  2. Would Hunt to Berry what Debra Duncan was to Ken Charles, or does she have a better radio presence?

    Just addressing the superficial, if she's got the accent under control for times of... stress?excitement?heated debate?, she's got the friendly-factor, the connections... just might work depending on the format and how experienced the producer/screener is.

    If she leveraged what she's learned about the power of social networking and the interactive, CC Houston could use that to build up the discussions online instead of somewhat static talentjournals.

    Granato teamed up with someone... might work better than Granato solo sometimes. Depends on the dynamic, I guess.

  3. The last time I remember Houston radio having such a shakeup was back during the ownership changes in the late 90s.

    Finally, something exciting to follow again.

    Kevin, you are right, the other stations must be excited too. 1070 KNTH is probably happy too. Zierlein is still only a guess too, right?

    Mister Crap, Hunt has a good personality and you are right, she might do well on radio. Especially teamed up with someone who is already popular.

  4. Lots of changes, almost too many across the dial. One thing I see missing from your comments - what about the current line up?

    I can't imagine Berry taking himself off the radio. Is he going somewhere? Can't imagine CC letting Garfield go as his shows are cash cows to many of their stations. I can see them killing Sam Malone but I guess they will keep him on mix 96.5??

  5. You know I wish 92.5 FM in Dallas was not this "Lonestar 92.5" crud!

    I want my Classic Rock back. My dead uncle, rest his soul, once told me that Classic Rock and Blues do not mix. He is probably rolling in his grave now that country has been thrown into this mix!

    Rock On!!!

  6. I did some digging and found out that Sam is gonzo from KPRC. No big loss from a listener or sales angle.

    Garf HTT is moving back to Saturdays where his original show was for years. Expanded hours in mid-morning to afternoon??

    KPRC and KTRH really don't have any major programming on weekends other than Garfield and Garden line guy but apparently they bring in s**tloads of money (and that's all that CC wants).

  7. get yo' Mojo risin' ... remember the old Doors song? bumper music?

  8. Banjo, it does make sense. Will they drink Mojitos? Sorta close.

  9. All the tinkering aside and the breathless excitement about the changes, these two legacy stations are in a world of hurt. KTRH is ranked 13th in adults 25-54 in morning drive - not because Lana and JP have stopped putting in a solid performance but because the station no longer does actual news (and, no, finding an illegal immigration angle to every event that happens on the planet is not unique and valuable news progamming). This is the money demographic at the money time of day. CC can do all it wants with lame wannabe right wing talk, but until they fix KTRH mornings they've got a serious drain on finances.

  10. A previous post alluded to what I think is the root cause for the changes at KPRC - the incessant immigrant bashing. You cannot ignore the demographics. Houston has a large Hispanic population and every time Pat Gray or Michael Berry went into their anti-immigrant rants, I'm sure the needle went the wrong way. I, for one, found it tiring and boring listening to the same lame talk. I eventually had enough and got an XM subscription. Now I only listen to 740 or 950 when I'm curious about news, weather, sports, or traffic. Maybe W&J will be different.

  11. Can you get us Brian Kilmeade and the Judge from FOX??

    What is Mojo?

  12. The 950 new crew's stinkin' up the joint so bad I can smell them with my radio off. Junior high school was rough enough on me the 1st go around there's no way I'm gonna reprieve that experience with these pant loads.

  13. Walton and Johnson are horrible. If I wanted to listen to that crap, I would have purchased XM. Nice of 950 to eliminate Larry Elder...not. They lost me between 5:30 and 10 in the mornings.

  14. I left the country for a few weeks and come back to a different existence as far as my radio is concerned. I didn't like moving away from the Pat Gray/Chris Baker lineup, but this is totally rediculous! I absolutely hate Walter and Johnson and don't know why they had to take off the rest of the good hosts. I feel so weird in the car now. Can't they just change it back already?

  15. Cynthia Hunt is like nails on a chalkboard..and she sound uninteresting and drool. This "bring in the chick" thing NEVER works in radio. And this "style" is often abandoned for more classical programming. It's never tolerable past month three. Chris Baker, if he was part of this decision, made a bad one. He obviously does not know his radio history. (Even on the GUYEST show in the world, the female host-Robin Quivers-had to be a nonslut intellectual to make the show work.) Wrong pic and they know it.

  16. I listened to the Baker-Hunt show yesterday and actually enjoyed it. Cynthia's accent actually added to the program presentation: a cross between Gracie Allen* and Kelli Pickler (who, like Sanjaya and Kevin "Chicken Little", put laughter into American Idol by breaking the mold).

    *If you don't know who this is, I am sorry...and you're too young!

  17. HER ACCENT ADDED TO THE PROGRAM. Cynthia...GET OFF THIS WEB PAGE! What a rube. I've never heard a worse show in my life. It sounded like two dumb bunnies having a chat while sitting on a log. OH NOTHING WORSE. DEAR GOD IS SHE A MORON!


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