Monday, July 23, 2007

950 KPRC is getting its Mojo like Austin Powers

Like I've been mentioning lately, there are lots of changes coming to the Houston radio dial. That's a good thing, us listeners don't want it going stale.

There is currently news all over the Internet about the changes coming to Talk Radio 950 KPRC and to a lesser extent, NewsRadio 740 KTRH. Looks like the Mojo is coming to 950. Like Mike Myers said, "Yeah baby!" Owner Clear Channel has registered if you do a whois lookup.

This format sounds like the guy talk format that we all thought 1560 KILE was going to bring in. But then Ken Hoffman told me last week that it really wasn't going to be like that at the high end of the dial, at least not during his show. He's doing sports and entertainment.

Before I had this blog, I interviewed John Walton of Walton and Johnson about that show going from KLOL to 97.5 KIOL (eventually 103.7 KIOL). It looks like that Cumulus deal is done. Word on the radio message boards is that Walton and Johnson will be doing mornings over at the new KPRC. The duo are alluding to this on the radio show's web site. Former shock jock Mancow will supposedly be on Mojo 950 too.

I also hear that former TV reporter Cynthia Hunt will have a show on KPRC (not the TV station this time). She will possibly team up with Chris Baker who could be doing time on both AM stations. Based on the new format, I'm guessing Michael Savage is staying put. Maybe the new Phil Hendrie show will show up there too (again).

Michael Berry told me on this very blog he was going to shake things up on the AM dial and it looks like he is delivering. Good luck to all of those in this new format. I can't wait to hear this new station whenever it comes on the air.

blogHOUSTON discovered the new 740 KTRH schedule.

Talk Radio 950 KPRC's web site now shows the new format - The 950 AM Radio MOJO with the new schedule.

5:30-10 a.m. — Walton & Johnson
10 a.m.-Noon — Mancow
Noon-2 p.m. — Dave Ramsey
2-4 p.m. — Baker & The Hunt
(Chris Baker & Cynthia Hunt)
4-5 p.m. — Mancow Happy Hour
5-8 p.m. — Michael Savage
8-10 p.m. — Phil Hendrie
10 p.m.-Midnight — Mark Levin
Midnight-2 a.m. — Bill O’Reilly
2-4 a.m. — Jerry Doyle
4-5:30 a.m. — Glenn Beck CONTACT: Leave me a Houston or Texas media news tip | COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here