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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

KTRK 13 anchor Art Rascon's son Jacob now at KFOX 14 El Paso

Jacob Rascon joins KPRC

UPDATE JULY 24, 2014
Jacob Rascon now at NBC News

Just the other day I posted that two KFOX 14 El Paso reporters moved on. A day later, I noticed one of the replacements had a very familiar name for those who watch Houston TV News.

Jacob Rascon is one of the newest reporter at KFOX 14. Obviously I thought this has to be KTRK 13 anchor Art Rascon's son. While it does not say that in Jacob's online station bio, his life story read that he is indeed the son of Art:

Before KFOX-14 I was with ABC in the Middle East, covering the Egyptian Revolution from Cairo, as well as conflicts in Israel and surrounding Arab countries from Jerusalem. It was during that time that I truly began to appreciate the value of a free press. I observed the people of Egypt and Tunisia suffer without it and demand it before almost any other freedom as soon as their dictator presidents fell.

Yep, sounds like an Art Rascon offspring. Turns out it is true.

"Yes that's my dad," Jacob told the blog in an email. "He's been a great mentor and a better dad, never pushing me to follow in his footsteps, but when I decided to try it out, he was right there with endless advice and encouragement."

Clearly Jacob has the reporting chops of his dad. In fact, Jacob looks like the younger clone of his father down to his speaking mannerisms in stand ups. Go watch the younger Rascon's demo reel above. The kid has talent. There is even a clip of him in a war zone à la Art.

Jacob tells me he is excited about working in the El Paso market because there is plenty of important news to cover in the borderland and the people are great.

Here are some of Jacob Rascon's recent stories:
- Eight Hondas Stolen From EPCC
- Fire Rages in Fort Davis Destroying Homes, Land
- Deadly Car Crash Total In El Paso Now At 19 For 2011

For those of you keeping track of the El Paso TV market, you will know that a former anchor colleague of Art Rascon's works there as an anchor. That's right, former KTRK 13 weekend anchor Stephanie Guadian helms the morning show at KFOX. It's a small world in TV.

Jacob Rascon joins KPRC

UPDATE JULY 24, 2014
Jacob Rascon now at NBC News

- KHOU 11 snatches producer Jessica Berman-Gault from KTRK 13
- John Thomas Kobos lands anchor gig at KIII 3 Corpus Christi
- TV anchors named Barajas taking over Houston and Texas

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