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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

KHOU 11 snatches producer Jessica Berman-Gault from KTRK 13

Producer Jessica Berman-Gault has jumped ship from KTRK 13 to KHOU 11. Her main duty will be producing the Saturday evening shows among other opportunities at the BELO Houston station.

She's leaving the weekend morning producing role at KTRK 13 where she's been since 2008.

"I enjoyed my time at KTRK, and I will miss the weekend morning crew," Berman-Gault told the blog.

Before KTRK she spend three and a half years at the Drewry Communications station KFDA in Amarillo.

If the Berman-Gault names sounds kind of familiar, there's a reason for that. Jessica is Mark Berman's daughter. TV viewers know him as the Fox 26 KRIV sports director. ESPN and the AP know the elder Berman as a guy they source for a lot of Houston sports stories. For those non-sports fans, Berman is very tied into the Houston sports world and breaks a ton of stories.

Congrats to Jessica.


  1. Jessica will make a fine asset at KHOU!

  2. Congrats to Jessica.

    Now, she can sleep at night :)

    Seriously, she is a dedicated producer. I wish her the best.


  3. he may break stories but he is boring to watch and is an asshole

  4. Michael, I noticed that your blog doesn't every print news ratings on a daily or weekly basis like the other blogs you source.

    the dallas station which you link up to your stories always displays ratings. do you know do that because channel 39 ha spoor ratings? it would add some value and content to your blog. just a thought. thank. manila riley

  5. I wish I could print TV ratings. Not sure about how to get them and what the rights issues on that are.

  6. yes, it would be nice to see television ratings on your blog. it would add a little something different to your blog. i'm not interested in knowing about reporters and anchors in other cities other than houston but i am interested in knowing how the ratings fair on different newscasts... even though everyone know channel 13 reins supreme. thank you mike.

  7. I agree. It's not hard to get the ratings. Just ask David Barron or Ed Bark or any newspaper in Texas you link up to. I would think it's at least worth making a call if you really don't know how it works. In fact, I know several people in your newsroom have access to the overnight and sweeps ratings. It would certainly add substance to the pregnancy updates.

  8. I inquired with Neilsen about a year ago. They ignored me and then added me to an email press release list. I believe newspapers get them because they are newspapers. This is a free blog. Big difference.

    I can help though. From working in TV and watching the ratings. KTRK is always #1. KHOU is #2. KPRC and KRIV battle for the 3rd and 4th spot. KIAH comes in last. Univision beats Telemundo and may sometimes beat the English news stations.

    Other options. If you work in TV email me the ratings.

    Or better yet, start a blog of your own and post the ratings. Then I can link to your blog and send you traffic. If your blog is really good, then I can retire since I won't be the only one in Houston who bothers to cover the local media. I am really liking this last option!


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