Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jacob Rascon now at NBC News

KTRK abc13 anchor Art Rascon's son, Jacob, now NBC News correspondent

Jacob Rascon
Jacob Rascon
If you see what appears to be a young Art Rascon on NBC News, you are not seeing things, it is his son Jacob Rascon.

"He's been a great mentor and a better dad, never pushing me to follow in his footsteps, but when I decided to try it out, he was right there with endless advice and encouragement," Jacob Rascon told in the past.

I've been covering young Jacob's career since he was at KFOX El Paso. That was back in 2011.

In 2012, the younger Rascon (or "Ras-clone" as a commenter called him) moved to KNBC Los Angeles.

Then a week ago, my old post about Jacob started moving up the charts to be the number one post on this blog as of this writing. That's because Jacob is now an NBC least temporarily as he tweeted (see embedded below).

Art Rascon
Art Rascon
Jacob follows in Art's national correspondent footsteps. Before KTRK, the elder Rascon was a CBS correspondent. As Art told me in the past, he is excited about his son's career.

"He's a solid journalist, has a bright future, and as a father I couldn't be more proud," Art Rascon told a few years ago. "I look forward to continuing our near daily conversations about his journalistic adventures."

It was apparent Jacob had his old man's reporting chops early on. It really is like watching a younger Art in terms of appearance, speaking manner and storytelling.

And don't think Art's national days are in the past. As I just recently blogged, a few weeks ago, Art filed a report for ABC News' This Week.

UPDATE 10/3/2014
Jacob Rascon officially joins NBC News

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