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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mike McGuff's 4am show pitch to Houston TV stations

Since most of the Houston TV stations will be starting news at 4:30am, I am beating everyone to the punch. I would like to announce that I am pitching, right here on this blog, a new 4am TV show to all of the Houston TV stations. It will consist of me in my pajamas reading my blog aloud to the camera.

No additional staff will need to be hired. I will produce it myself. All you have to do is show me how to setup the lights and camera (I have TV production experience). Your master control operator can punch me live on air and go to commercial break.

I might get interviews to come in. If not, I can play interviews like my Sam Malone or Ken Hoffman one from the vault.

Here is an example of my studio television work.  Remove my suit with your eyes and pretend it is flannel PJs.

This will be a great lead in (focus on the price ladies and gentlemen) to your morning news. I will talk to the highest bidder. That is all.

- KHOU 11 announces new early morning newscast at 4:30am
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