Thursday, August 13, 2009

It was over when: Tales of romantic breakups

If you like the concise nature of Twitter or Facebook Lite, and like tales of love gone wrong, then you will love

It Was Over When is dedicated to cataloging the exact moment when you realize a relationship isn’t going to work. This could be years into a romance, on the first date or even before the first date. These stories can be funny, poignant, abysmally sad and universal.
The aim: To provide a bit of comfort, humor and, hopefully, healing identification.

Hopefully my wife doesn't read this post and contribute to

"He wouldn't stop blogging. Every day and night he made me feel that he loved more than me."

Honey, I love you...even more than the blog! Don't worry. I'll outsource my blogging to India if need be.

Now don't get too depressed by all of this heartache. The site has a companion called

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