Saturday, January 07, 2017

Texas media job moves for 2016

All the Texas media job moves I found in the TV news and radio world for 2016.

- Texas TV & radio job moves December 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves November 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves October 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves September 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves August 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves July 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves June 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves May 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves April 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves March 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves February 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves January 2016
- Texas TV & radio job moves December 2015
- All the new and disappearing faces on Houston TV screens in 2015


  1. Sophia Ojeda was back today co-anchoring KPRC!! Awesome to see her. Now, if KPRC would just fire Short Round and let Sophia anchor it alone, it would be a great newscast.

  2. Short round? Is that in reference to that Rasta girl on KPRC weekends? So many on here (and other sites) blast Jennifer Reyna & Sarah Donchey for their respective performances on air, but there is no better example of an untalented, undesirable anchor on Houston's varying newscasts than Rasta. No one forces me to scurry for the remote control faster.

    Well, maybe Rashi Vats. They are both horrendously inept. With legendary anchors such as Dave Ward, Steve Smith, Ron Stone, & Jan Carson in Houston's newscast history, it's really hard to swallow just how far this market's talent has dropped. Thank the Lord we still have Chauncy Glover, Sally MacDonald, and Samika Knight around here.

    There remains a few glimmers of hope.

    1. I remember seeing Rasta on air a few times in El Paso when I worked a project out there. She was bad then and hasn't improved a bit.

  3. geez the hate is strong. It's the youth movement in local news now, so get used to it!

    1. Truth ≠ Hate

    2. short round's a girl now? that's truth not hate? Not desireable? I"m sure the throngs of social media followers disagree. Is that hate or truth?

  4. So glossing someone with a nickname is now "hate"? ANon 12:52 sounds like another member in what s an unfortunate slew of juice box drinking, participation trophy expecting, pampered by mama and this PC culture we live in wimps.
    A nickname is not hate. I know dudes called princess, chicks called chewbacca, and many other samples. What a stupid comment. And besides, I think any smart person would conclude the "truth" that 7:14 was referring to was that Rasta should not anchor on Saturdays because she is no good at it.
    What a group of thin skinned pansies we have in our society these days.

    1. alright if i'm this new school PC generation let's see you be old school and tell it to her face. These people have a Facebook. Post it there and send us a link to the screenshot here. Otherwise you're no different and just talking tough behind someone's back.

    2. "These people"? You're a racist.


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