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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Matt Lavine returns to KHOU 11 weather

I feel like I could copy older posts I've written before about this, but former popular Fox 26 KRIV meteorologist Matt Lavine has resurfaced on KHOU 11.

Last December Lavine told the blog he and his family were moving to Seattle, but I understand the Lavine's are back in Houston once again permanently.

On Facebook Lavine said this weekend's KHOU weather gig was a freelance one.

This tells us he keeps trying to get away, but the Houston TV audience keeps sucking him back in!

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  1. Who says you can't go home? Enjoyed Seattle but really missed Houston. The folks here are the best!

  2. Welcome back, Matt. Hope you can stir up some cooler weather!

  3. They need to hire him already ...

  4. Matt I like you. But get rid of the BIG EGO already dude. We like you as talent but that ego gots to go.


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