Sunday, December 20, 2009

Matt Lavine resurfaces on KHOU 11 in Houston

You never know who will show up on Houston TV during the holidays. Meteorologist Matt Lavine (formerly of Fox 26 KRIV) was performing weather duties on KHOU Channel 11 again this weekend. This is surprising since he told me last May (the last time he was on 11 KHOU) that he was moving his family to Seattle. I guess the Bayou City is hard to resist.

Either way its good to see him back and as usual, whenever he gets on Houston TV, viewers start hitting my blog looking for information on him.

- Matt Lavine back on Houston TV...for now
Weatherman Matt Lavine on Channel 39 KIAH
Matt Lavine, formerly of Fox 26 KRIV gets a blog and more
What happened to Matt Lavine formerly of Fox 26?


  1. What an early Christmas present!

  2. Yummy, they should hire him full time. Is Mario Gomez leaving or something? Or just on vacation?

  3. Just saw him tonight on the 10 o clock news. Good to see him on TV again. Hopefully he can stick around and catch on somewhere. He's not that bad is he? I guess weather jobs are hard to come by. Hah

  4. I guess I'm one of the few that thinks he does a terrible job. His voice is annoying and his delivery far from smooth.


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