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Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Get well Derrick Shore

Derrick Shore
This is Derrick Shore's actual bio photo from the KPRC website.

Derrick Shore was absent from KPRC 2's "Houston Life" Wednesday and the station posted a message on Facebook with a get well message for the show host (embedded below).

Derrick Shore returns to 'Houston Life' with Reagan Bregman

Stephanie Gilbert returns to Houston Life on KPRC 2

At first I was a concerned based on the Facebook post, but as you will see in the below clip, Shore was well enough to send a video message to guest hosts Melanie Camp and Christina Wells.

Based on the messages I'm receiving from "Houston Life" viewers, they are a little on edge since Courtney Zavala left the show in January and then published this video.

Maybe this Facebook message was intended to assuage viewers' fears about Shore leaving too.

Shore was on the air the day before with another Courtney, guest host Courtney Zubowski (formerly of KPRC 2, CBS News and KHOU 11).

Katherine Whaley guest hosting "Houston Life"

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