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Mike McGuff in Washington, D.C. this week - posts still coming, but I won't be as fast as usual on breaking news.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Courtney Zavala's video after leaving Houston Life

Courtney Zavala posted a video on Instagram after leaving her hosting position on KPRC 2's "Houston Life."

"Yes, There is a life update. I know that you all have heard the news. I am no longer with KPRC, no longer on Houston life. 

And I know you have a million questions. What is going on? Where are you going? And what's next? Where are you going? 

We are staying here. We're in Houston. Don't worry. 

What's next? Well, I'm on to new opportunities, and this is the place to find out what I'm doing. So you're in the right place. Don't worry. 

And before I get back to regularly scheduled programming like fun posts on here and different things around town, I wanted to take a moment and say a very heartfelt thank you to you. I have received so many hundreds of messages, phone calls, text, DMS and you have touched my heart. Thank you. I have felt your love. 

If I haven't responded or gotten back to you yet, I will. I promise. I'm going to return everybody's message. Thank you. That you took out a few moments of your day to send me a message is just really incredible and I feel the love. So thank you again from the bottom of my heart."

Katherine Whaley guest hosting "Houston Life" this week

Courtney Zavala

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